21 April 2010

What the gov't wants us to know about drugs

Before we start, let's look at some anti-drugs advertisements by the gov't in the last decades.

This is a gov't advertisement 20 years ago.

15 yrs ago

And a recent one

English Version

For decades, anti-drugs is one of the social campaigns the gov't continuously holds. As you can see from those ads, the basic message hasn't changed before and after 1997. As an average Villager who's not a drug user, doesn't have friends being a drug user (not being told at least), and who's not a parent, those ads are just another gov't ad to me. I don't really care much about it; it's none of my business.

Imagine one day, the gov't tells me that they are going to open a methadone clinic or a rehabilitation centre next door. I would go out and complain to the newspapers and protest on the street; I would want those "dirty things" kicked out of my backyard. But why is my first impression on them so negative? Probably I have already stereotyped drugs, drugs users and the consequences of using drugs. I simply reject anything related to drugs without a second thought.

This is not the double standard as Bambi mentioned in her last post. Having a standard of your own requires some basic understanding of the thing at stake and some thought on it. I believe most Villagers including me simply have a NIMBY mindset, rather prefer spending time on those stupid TV series. We don't even want to spend a second on understanding the issue that seems trivial to us. Or we simply believe in what those gov't ads and campaigns told us. This also applies to other social issues. You care about constitutional review? minimum wage? No way, I don't care. NIMBY and none-of-my-business are the philosophy of life in this Village.

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