30 April 2010

Say Yes to Grass Mud Horse!

Screw that CRHK sold-out scandal! It's totally retarded and worth our zero attention. Another important and meaningful cause has stirred up in our Village. About 3,000 Villagers are asking the Ocean Park to import Grass Mud Horse. The Facebook group was started by our Village's Internet Toughest Guy Mr Charles Mok. Charles even made a point of writing an open letter to the Chairman of Ocean Park Allan Zeman on that. Let's not focus on the cause itself at the moment; the letter is a piece of literature I tell you! It's entertaining, witty, funny, filled with laughter and faint hints of sadness and nostalgia. Absolutely must read! I wish I could write as good as Charles!

I am all for this intelligent and monumental cause and would like to ask you to support that as well. Let's all say "Fuck your mother"(in Mandarin) loudly! To honour Charles, the genius and mastermind behind this innovative initiative, let me talk a bit more about him:
You may wonder why internet guys should care? Because:
And below is the reasons why I think it's a brilliant idea to have the animal in Ocean Park:
Simply can't wait; will it surf?

1 comment:

  1. Fuck Alpacas, llamas are wayyyy superior. Imma gonna write an open letter to Disney and demand llamas installed!


    Srsly I might just do that for next week...lol


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