14 April 2010

Respect the elderly! Sure, but all of them?!

As a young kitten, when in school, church (!) or at home, I've always been told to respect the elderly and be nice to them, and to this day, I still obliged and respect my elderly to without question.

Why? Because everyone say it's the right thing to do! Even the bible said so. But let me list some of the common answers when asked why that the elderly deserved respect (feel free to add more in the comment box if I missed some):

1) They took care of you when you are young.
2) They're still taking care of you..
3) They contributed to the society when young.
4) They're wise (like Gandalf/Magneto)
5) They have experiences in things.(all kind of things)
6) They've been through so much and still alive! (i.e. WWII, Vietnam, etc etc)

Through out the history of mankind, we do seems to have a common principle of respecting the elderly in all cultures, one of the main factors maybe because back in the days, it's just so damn difficult to stay alive; A person with old ages reflects that person has certain social skills that enable him/her to stay alive and now his/her experiences are considered valuable to the younger generations, hence the respect.

But the thing is, at this day and age, staying alive has never been easier. Thanks to our amazing social welfare system, one can live a decent life in Hong Kong without having to lift a finger for a long long time. (FFS, we just had a CSSA double pay!)

Now, let's say I was to quit my job right now, and live my life as a basement dweller, I will do nothing but play COD:MW2 all day, collect CSSA for the next 50 years. Let's cross check the 7 points above and see if I'm a respectable old cat in 2060?

1 and 2) Took care of who? Lady, you just a girl who claims that I was the one, but the kid's not my son. Awww~
3) COD:MW2 all day man, all day: That's my contribution to the Xbox360 community. Plus I collect CSSA, you're paying for my internet connection. Haw Haw.
4) All xbox360 achievements, does that makes me wise now?
5) See above
6) Yeah, I'm still around, the 2nd Korean war in 2015? Didn't go. The Canada-US war in 2025? Didn't go. WWIII? I have flat feet, the military won't take me, srsly.

How many of you will respect the 78 years old me?

As longevity in life is no longer a rare event because of medicine and health care development, I guess it makes sense for the elder population to increase. I know many current (and future) elderly have had long, contributing and fulfilling life with life experiences that are beneficial to the younger generations. While there are also a lot doing/did nothing and play Xboxs all day and leech on CSSA. So do all elderly deserve respects? Well, I thought so, until I met some utter douchebag old man the other day on the MTR/at Family gathering/Work. and srsly gave me 2nd thoughts....

Do you know any elderly that deserve no respect? Or is it just me?


  1. Another thoughtful post. I think welfare is not meritocracy. You don't need to have a productive past to receive welfare. It's more like an humanitarian effort to take care of your elderly. It's an human rights issue. It reflects the society as a whole whether it's compassionate, humane and civilized. So in my simple and non philosophical mind--I will leave the philosophical stuff to trendy Willie, even you are a POS but when you get to be old and lose the capacity to take care of yourself, the society should take care of you, to let you live in a dignified if not fab life (no Louis Vuitton or Gucci kind of shit but I guess video games are OKAY, you know to counter Alzheimer's or something).

  2. lol Alzheimer! (ok that came out wrong...)

    But yea anon, the thing is (with my crystal balls) I can already see plenty of future elderly heading towards that path...

  3. What happened to incorporating elderly care back into the heart of the family? As I was approaching age 50, I began being concerned over what would happen to me in my later years. Who would care for me and would they be kind. I ran across a story on the internet "The Wooden Bowl" I loved this inspirational story about a grandfather who goes to live with his son, his daughter-in-law and their young son. The young couple learn a lesson on respect from the small boy. How they treat the grandfather now is how they can be expected to be treated when they are old and in need of care! Being a writer, I searched and searched to find the origins of the story. It is an old Grimms fairy tale. This is a story that can promote social change. I published this story from the boy's point of view. The Wooden Bowl - El bol de madera. I believe we teach our loved ones how to treat us. Respect is a gift we can give freely and one we can appreciate when received.


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