12 April 2010

Poison Wars

Chimerica is the most powerful and destructive economic force on Earth. The economic relationship between the US and China has been described as symbiotic. I think they're more mutually destructive than mutually beneficial. One has to wonder just how much of that destruction is unintended by its exporters.

Americans are complaining about being poisoned by Chinese products again. This time, it's not poison pet food or lead-based based toys. This time, Chinese-made drywall is poisoning American homeowners. I'm pretty sure this kind of thing happens in China all the time, except that rather than investigate it, people complaining of sickness get visits from Big Beijing's department of propaganda. In HK as well, I notice that people put up with a much more poisonous environment, both inside and outside, than I was conditioned to accept. But even though they're killing us, Americans are hopelessly addicted to cheap Chinese-made products.

Chinese people are getting poisoned by American products as well. McDonald's, KFC, Coca-cola, Marlboro and Camel all peddle products that, just like Chinese drywall, will cause serious health problems or death if used exactly as intended. For the past 30 years or so, American tobacco companies have made a concerted effort to target East Asian markets in light of advertising restrictions in the West. The Marlboro man has been aiming his lasso at Chinese people as long as I've been alive. And man is he ropin' 'em in. Using the mental toxins of advertising, the US has hooked Chinese people on its poisonous products, peacefully. No Opium War needed.

So who's winning the poison wars? Considering that both sides are poisoning themselves as much as the other, it's hard to say. In HK, we're lucky enough to get poisoned from both sides.


  1. Chinese have been killing one another and themselves for a long long time. So if anything, Americans are just trying to give it a hand. I once visited China long time ago in the early 80s, and all the Chinese men did were smoking and spitting wherever and whenever they could, it's quite a scene to behold. Instead of dying from Double Happiness, the Marlboro man gives them a chance to die in rugged American style. On the surface, sometimes people appear to hate America, but underneath, people dig everything America, even stuff that kills them. Without cheap Chinese products I don't know what the world is going to be, because you know most Americans simply can't afford stuff like Louis Vuitton from France or any trendy shitty stuff. No Americans can afford not to buy a pair of back to school $9.99 Made in China pair of sneakers for their kids ....

  2. There's a lot of Chinese, so it's gonna take a looonnng time. Business is good!! woot!


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