09 April 2010

Personal Hygiene; You are doing it wrong

True Story:

Last week, while I was busy sitting around doing nothing with one of my colleague, the topic of nostrils hair came up and we both agreed on how another colleague of ours has a serious case of nostrils hair overgrown. It has got to the point that every time we tried to have a conversation, we simply cannot focus on any other facial features but the bush coming out from his nostrils. (one of the girls have arachnophobia and it freaked her out big time, she thought it was some spider leg poking out from his nose....)

So anyway, we've decided enough is enough! One should have the right to work in a stress-free(yeah right) and phobia-free environment without having to worry about nostrils hair attacks! Those hair had to go! We would let him know how much of a distraction it is!

Here is what happened:
(E =Me, C1=Colleague 1, CH= Colleague with overgrown nostril hair)

C1: 'So CH, how's it going, we need to talk to you bout something.'

CH: 'Hey dudes sups, sure what is it?'

E= 'Say...can you even breathe properly? [Cue Evil eyes from C1] Err....em..with the air pollution and all that.....'

CH: 'Yeah...sure..I'm used to all that'

'coz u got a extra bushy filter in your nostrils that's why..' E thinking to himself

C1: 'Great, yea..crazy footy game last night er? Hey, you know what? you should get rid off that nostrils hair, it's doesn't looks that good on you, plus it's a real distraction'

CH: 'Oh! Ok..sure, yeah, crazy game last night, hey gotta go, ttul..' [Walks away]

Random girl in office: 'God! you guys were so mean! How could you say that to him!!'

Really!? Were us mean?(OK maybe I was)

Something I have noticed while working in the village is, whenever somebody in your office or school has extra long n' bushy nostrils hair/Body odor/Wet armpits/Dandruff avalanche/Bad breath and parades it around for the whole world to see/smell/feel. People in our village tends to take the option of not coming forward and not actually tell the person to do something about it?! Instead, what we have is shamelessly childish whispering and name calling, while silently putting up with the personal hygiene disaster? And when somebody finally tell the person about it, it is considered mean?

I don't know, maybe we were doing it wrong and should have wrote him a letter? or even better, a song? Or maybe I should have never bother trimming my nostril hair neither then when he sees how majestic my nostrils hair is and how insignificant his is, he will trimmed it all out of shame?

Fellow Libertines! How do you deal with office/school personal hygiene disasters? Let us know in the comment box so Eric will be prepared next time when the spiders strike again!!


  1. Eric, great post.

    Once upon a time there was this fresh off the boat, I mean fresh meat, no, I mean fresh graduate from college. She was friendly, cheerful and more importantly had a nice rack. But she also had deadly body odor--I guess one can't have it all. It was just terrible. I mean sometimes she was so far away and yet she always seemed so close. It was worse than overgrown nose hair, at least for that you can look elsewhere. Bad breath is bad but probably you can just stay the distance. But BO is the real killer.

    I don't know what happened to the chick, I wish somebody would have told her something, just not me--I left the company just after a few months in search of body odor free workplace.

  2. I think we should all take a stand and speak out against these hygiene offenders!! You're right that it's meaner not to tell the person than to tell him/her...BUT I also think that it can be a cultural thing.

    During a teambuilding event last year, I discovered that one of my female colleagues had some of the hairiest legs I'd ever seen (even hairier than most Asian MEN!) and I was DYING to tell her. But after gossiping (of course) with some of my Asian colleagues, they advised me not to tell her unless I wanted to be hated by her forever (to which I didn't really care anyway).

    However, the thought of trying to help someone who's just going to get all defensive and use your kindness against you didn't quite appeal to me, so in the end I just left her to continue her transformation into Sasquatch.

  3. Or you can go offensive in every other aspects of your life (reads asshole) like I do. That makes you feel less guilty when you actually comment on others' hygiene.

  4. BTW.

    Welcome Miss Fong! We LOVE hot chicks!

  5. Anon- lol. Now that's a perfectly good rack gone to waste because of the BO menace(tat makes me sad). Yea, BO is THE killer, not only bcoz of the blast radius and the effective range, but there's just no telling who can have it! (as ur hot chick FOB example illustrated)

    Ms. Fong- Yes I guess it is a culture thing, what bothers me is, instead of thanking us for telling em the truth they needed to know, they get offended becoz of..? Humiliation? it's humiliating to have hairy legs/BO, but humiliated becoz someone tried to help you out? I mean.. u deserved to be humiliated if you don't take care of your hygiene anyway! lol

  6. Henry u r gonna scare her away, stop nerding out like that, remember: ''no girls on the internet''? lol

  7. Personally I am not offended by hairy legs, maybe only when they are of Yeti's caliber or proportion then there is cause to be offended. Otherwise I am cool with a bit of hairy legs. That leads the topic to underarm. I guess it's sort of a double standard. You don't expect guys to shave their underarms, at least for most guys, yet you do fully expect women to do so and legs too. Maybe it's too unsightly or plain too dirty, or sexy, think Tang Wei in "Lust, Caution."

  8. Anon,
    You're dead right. Underarm hair is just to sexy... now I can't get the image of Tang Wei out of my head!!

  9. I assume these "cultural differences" we're talking about have to do with the fact that some European women (particularly the French) don't shave. And it should be no surprise that when gweipo don't shave, they have more hair than Chinese men. I'm not particularly hairy by gweilo standards, but compared to Chinese guys, I'm a hairy, sweaty beast. And potentially stinky too. Just means we gweilo have to take more care with our hygiene.

  10. Daveed: Don't get too excited now. I really don't know how to react if an otherwise very attractive woman who are totally comfortable with her hairy underarms and have no qualm showing them in the MTR. I guess I don't have a problem with it provided that she doesn't stink up the whole car....
    wesmcl: I agree gweilo/po probably are more hairy but I don't think they are particularly more smelly. Now that you mention the French ladies .... I can't wait to do a field research on this hairy topic this summer.

  11. gee, men are so hard to please. they have these double / triple standards (plus racial preference for the french) without ever contributing to our maintenance cost...


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