28 April 2010

Motherland is pleased by your concern.

WOW, T.V sure was boring last night (or the night before precisely, when this post comes out), srlsy?

While I am all for helping those who were affected by the Earthquake, It seems that every time when there's a major disaster in Motherland, the major media outlet is obligated to takes on the duty of producing mass donation gathering and ZING! lo and behold, celebs of all kinds start pouring out from left and right, (Hell even this little bitch got a part?) and start asking us for donation in exchange for having our name and donation amounts appearing at the bottom of your T.V screens. (you know, the one that says Henry C-100 Eric W 50, John Wayne 20 etc etc)

Apart from being bored senseless by the program, yours truly was also disturbed by the numbers of Companies using the donation ticker tape at the bottom of our T.V screes as cheap advertisement, paying attention to the ticker tape was arguably the most entertaining part of the whole show, everyone knows that, right?

That being said, I suppose since China is one of the most un-powerful and un-influential country with the least amount of money EVER, then it make sense for us Villager to shower them with cash, because it's the only way we can show we care.

In the end, if we give them money, everything will be ok, right? Well, at least I will feel better about myself, see, I did that for the Sichuan Earthquake and see how everything is better now (What? the news stop saying it's a shit hole, so it must not be a shit hole anymore, life is peachy.)

Everyone was too busy to feel sorry and sad for those effected, and EVERYTIME something like this comes up (flood, earthquake etc etc), we got all worked up with donations and ''lend a helping hand with our blood brothers'' bullshit. No one seems to question the fact that how many time is Motherland gonna let shit like this happens before they do something call ''PREPARATION''?!

Did you know there are steps that one can do in order to prevent and minimize the causality when shit like this happens? No I guess you're all caught up with the celebs (BTW Kenny G, u were priceless! ) telling you how much the victims need our money, and Motherland is too busy to give a shit about a region filled with ethnic minorities until something like a Earthquake comes along, a heaps of them died and the stories ended up on the news.


  1. Yes, Kenny G was priceless.

    What the fuck does it mean when he blew his fucking sax? To make us feel better with a bit of music?

    And BTW, that song has officially become the toilet background music in HK, dig it, G?

  2. Nice post. The Chinese government definitely needs to do some preparation. By the way, I won't be surprised our money will be all gone after the donation.


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  4. Henny C -There was a collective and loud ''WTF ' around my dinner table during the Kenny G segment, all I Can say is, 'WHAT A DOUCHE'. And whoever thought Will Smith cared needs to have their head checked. (Your prayers are with them, Will? Did u know they don't follow the same God as you? Did u even check? or Wiki it?)

    Willy T -Same here, I don't know if we have any tracking method or what so ever with how tis donation money were spent. Also, even if the money were really spent on the victims, it wouldn't mean shit if Motherland does not start taking natural disaster preparation seriously and stop playing with out emotion(I lost count at how many times HK HERO Wong Fuk Wing's name was mentioned!)in order to hide their faults of not preparing


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