01 April 2010

Btw here's a Big Mac, now get lost.

One week goes by, and the pub STILL hasn't been sue yet. Time for drastic measure. It's time to piss on another multimillion corporation!!! Join me for this week's troll!

Now before I begin, let me invite you guys to see this little heart warming advertisement from everybody's good friend and Colonel Sanders' nemesis Micky D:

For those of you who are handicapped in Cantonese. Here's a rough translation:

Kid : T_T ''Man. what's wrong with them, they used to love me so much and gave me so much ATTENTION!!! One day Imma gonna put a bullet in that little bitch, but they're always around her, dammit! Tell me what to do Jack Bauer!!!'

Mom+Dad :''Oh boy, looks like our son has found out that we don't love him no more...better do something!!''

Later in Micky D........

Kid sulk.....Dad comes with a tray full of McD's goodness!

Kid: 'OH!! 509 Calories! with 52% coming from fat!! Not to mention the Freedom Fries!! it's over 9000!!! and I'm barely 10 years old!!! This is some grown up food!''

Dad: ''That's right son, stuff your vein with this shit, course we don't give a 2 cents bout you no more, but since you gonna be over weighted in the future, your self-esteem is gonna plummet and you're just gonna blame yourself and not us!!'

Kid: '' :D I'm lovin' it!''

Micky D--because 509 Calories can just about solve any family issues. That's love right there.

Are you lovin' it yet? Lazy parents sure are lovin' the crap out of it!!

(Henry-srsly, lube it up real good, bro)


  1. Very nice. A must read for parents.

    Plus any post that can potentially get the other Eric anally violated is a good post.

    Jamie O

  2. Hi Jamie! So you're the Anon?!

  3. I am Jamie Oei, the distant cousin of the Naked Cook. We both like to take on the junk food industry sometimes. But I like to make asinine comments more.

  4. the fact that surprise buttsec was mentioned is already a win, but this comment section shall be a epic win if that was a Southpark reference. Anyway u win anon sir. Have one free internet.

  5. Oh, One more thing. Is that sulky kid making a slanted eyes look (he has mildly crossed eyes for sure)? Look at the screen capture, Micky D is hiring an Asian kid to make fun of the slanted eyes look, propagating the slanted Asian eyes stereotype that was so hot in 2008/09 by the way. I can't believe nobody is complaining about this racist commercial.

    Stevie J.


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