23 March 2010

Where the hell are those T12 students now?

Last week, a bunch of students from different universities of the Village made a high profile announcement on their intention to run in the coming moronic LegCo by-election. They claimed that they do not want to see the legislators re-elected to their LegCo seats de facto. They want to give our Villagers a chance to vote and show that we give a shit about universal suffrage. It was so big a news to this pointless political event that even Milfo made me write a post in TDS. These students, calling themselves T12, told us that they need HK$250,000 badly. Nothing was said about the donation channel at their press con though.

Nomination period started yesterday till April 8, their intention to run for the seats seems to remain...well, a mere intention. I googled and still failed to find any official information about the T12. I found two Facebook groups supporting their action, but even Helen is annoyed and asked how the hell we are going to donate to make that happen (BTW, thanks Cecilia down there for her insistent translation of the important information there, like we care). T12's cute spokesperson said here that neither did they registered as an association of any sort, nor have they secured enough fund. She said they might approach allied organisations for sponsorship. But when the reporter asked which one, she's seemingly dumbfounded. I suspect they are actually still nursing their hangover, as that should probably take longer under this catastrophic pollution. No worries, mate! You still have like...more than two weeks to: 1) register your retarded organisation (not necessary I guess); 2) raise HK$250,000; 3) get subscribed by 100 registered electors of each of the five constituencies; 4) submit the completed nomination form.

The Libertines Pub cares about these young students and we're prepared to sponsor them: Free Beer. T12, please enlighten us on how we could reach you. Or you guys can simply forget about it and pretend that nothing actually happened. You probably can make a getaway easily as you know what the villagers really care.

Post publication note:
Woot! Right after this post came up, T12 opened this Facebook group. Now we know you're there! But how are we going to donate Free Beer?

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