26 March 2010

War is just around the corner

Undoubtedly the most eye-catching news about Google recently is her decision to withdraw search engine business from the mainland China. Another important move of Google announced last week may not be as eye-catching, but certainly is a milestone of Google's business, the Google TV. Though there is no exact details on how it works so far, whether it's a TV sets or a set top box, we are certainly getting close to the age of an all-in-one entertainment and communication centre.

This concept is not new or even too old school for a trendy high tech Villager to talk about. Apple has already had a similar product in the market for long, though not as successful as the iPhone. Will you spend another 230 bucks buying something for fashion that gives you the functions your desktops or laptops already had? And the contents are solely available on the hands of a fruit? You can't do anything but what the fruit allow you to do. Apple should now be very anxious, if Google gets this right in the market, Apple's plan to conquer the living room will be a big failure. The iPad and Apple TV would just be another Newton.

The concept becomes hot again when PC manufacturers put more effort on nettop with the help from the mature P2P streaming technology. You may watch your favourite soccer match live without paying a dollar to cable, or watch blockbuster movies, long ended TV series anytime you want with just a little program downloaded from the net free of charge. Most importantly, you can still go on to Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Youtube, Youku, etc, etc.

Attention! Readers. Something you can do now may not last forever, the Gov't has already started reviewing the legal aspect of streaming and P2P transfer of copyrighted content. So watch out.

No one knows how Google TV will distribute the contents. Will it be the 3rd parties taking care of them or like how Google Books set huge fire in the publishing industry? Google is now stepping into every parts of our lives; their Search Engine knows your preference, Gmail holds your personal secret, Google Maps that captures you on the street. They control all of our data. Believe it or not, this internet giant may probably be working closely with the US Gov't on some highly confidential projects and the WWIII has already started silently. Now you understand why Iran doesn't allow their citizen to use Gmail, and why China wants to kick them out but Google still leave its tail there.

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