30 March 2010

Our new GovHK site loaded with propaganda

There's been lots of talks about the new retarded Hong Kong branding that cost us millions of dollars on design and consultation. We've heard enough rants already, so we're not going to jump on the bandwagon. There's another new, yet more useful thing launched last week in our Village: the revamped GovHK website.

Kudos to the OGCIO, the new site does look far better. I am not sure about the navigation yet, as I've had painfully tried to renew my driving licence recently via the old site and failed. A few clicks through the site so far took me to where I wanted to go, so I guess I cannot complain here.

But there's one thing in the new site that pretty hurt my eyes. You see the rotating banner that blocks 80% of your view when you first load the page? What does it say? I'm not talking about the "Hong Kong at World Expo 2010" one; neither am I talking about the survey. They're ok, but I don't know why they have the priority there over hundreds of other things the government is doing. What irritates me is the Anti-drug propaganda there! A propaganda at the top banner of a government info site? GovHK, in their own words, is:

the one-stop portal of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government, making information and services of the public sector easier to find and use.

Villagers visiting the site expect information, or links to them, instead of some in-your-face brainwash and promotion of the government agenda. Everybody in the world has been watching the US Healthcare Bill, let's check out the US government website, any fancy banners about that there? I'm sure if there's any, the Republicans would have given Obama a big fucking trouble. How about the UK government site? Any propaganda there? No?

Okie, I know what you Villagers would say. The USA and the UK are western democratic countries. They have the democracy that we don't have. So let's check out our Big Bro's website (English site here). Well, not too bad...there're links to talks and news about your leaders, but not too exaggerated really. Let's go one step further, we look at the website of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Wow, it's not at all bad! I mean, yeah, there're pics of the two daft leaders there, but the stuff down there are basically information related. So, where is our GovHK site on the Stalin-Gandhi meter?

I didn't wait until this post to let my nerd rage out, I ranted violently about that in one of my Tweets. Jeremy Godfrey, the Government Chief Information Officer and the official responsible for the revamp, did reply. He even thanked me for my rude comment just like others who have given him kudos. Thanks a lot, Jeremy, but make sure you do something about that after your Easter break. Just drop that retarded banner there. All we need is information.


  1. Say no to drugs! Good stuff. We tried that in my country in the 1980's. Nancy Reagan. Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Kids who went through that were more likely to take drugs than kids who didn't. I was a D.A.R.E. kid: I learned how to tell the difference between real marijuana and oregano, and I also learned that if the government is telling you not to do drugs, drugs must be cool.

    The HK government must know what a colossal failure the "say no to drugs, brought to you by authority figures you don't respect" was in the US. So they must think one of two things: 1. Chinese people are different (better, more obedient) and therefore this will work in HK when it's failed elsewhere, or 2. we want HK kids to do drugs, they pay less attention to us, and protest less that way. I'm sure there are individuals in the government who hold each of those beliefs (and quite a few who are just clueless), but at the top, I'd wager that most people cynically believe in #2.

  2. Yes, Wes, I really have no clue why they're so clueless..

    This kind of gov't really makes you wanta smoke some real shits.


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