25 March 2010

Oh lawd! Is dat sum chicken?

A couple of days ago, after coming home from a hard day of slavery, I was eager to go thought my mail as I was awaiting the shipment for my pokemon T-Shirt, which I have planned to wear for the next Libertines Pub meeting (In order to impress Bambi). However, after 15 minutes of rummaging my mail box and suspusious look from the door man, I found something else, something that caught my attention, something so great that it suppressed my love for Pikachu.
I found this little gem.

Oh! neat-o! An ad from Physical! The Super Fitness Center!! I have always felt that I can do with some extra muscle in certain areas. Yeah, why not sign up with Physical right? So yes, I am intrigued, what else is in the offer, Physical? Let's see what's on the back of this little thing? Shall we?

Huh? Corn on the cob? WTF? Is that how my thighs gonna be like after yoga? What? What's going on Physical?!

Colonel! What the F are you doing here!? While I was all for yoga + muscle and shit, out of the blue, the bloody Colonel came out of no where, and struck me like a true Jedi warrior with a $30 cash coupon for his finger licking good chicken!

WHY! Physical?! Why would you do that!?! We are not talking about a few piece of chicken nugget! It's a whole bucket of fucking chicken right there! The calories! It's over 9000!!!!! (Which I guess takes 900 yoga lessons to burn off, umm somebody do the maths)

A Fitness Center advert having a fast food chain promotion somehow gave me a mental picture, and the picture looks like that

On the other hand, it could well be a stroke of marketing genius:

Fast food ->Fattie--->Fatties go to Gym--->The hotness!! Rinse-->Repeat x 900

(Henry, ever got sue by a corporation that worth multimillion?)


  1. It's all about a balanced diet. One really shouldn't just consume McDonald's all the time. Should really alternate with say KFC, because you know what? They really do chicken right. Talking about chicken, that Chinese name Comfort Fortress certainly doesn't sound like a gym or a health club. It sounds more like a sleazy karaoke joint with jail bait singalong girls. You get physical for totally different activities there. Hmmm? I think it's time for the libertine club boys to get off their fat asses to do some investigative reporting ....
    Henry C. don't get too excited already, you will have your chance, just be patient now.

  2. Did somebody just mentioned investigative reporting and jail bait? I'm on it. like literally ON IT.


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