04 March 2010

I'm in your blog, ruining your Disneyland.

With CNY holiday just over, I think it's about time we look ahead to the next holiday!! A quick scan at my Scarlett Johansson Calender revealed a boner inside my pants the next public holiday is in April, that's in a few weeks time!!! You know where I wanna go? HERE!
A Universal Studio? Casinos? A Marine Park with dolphins? AND a shopping strip with bars that opens 24/7? This might very well be the HK Disneyland killer that we've all been waiting for! Oh did I mentioned they have dolphins? (I'm totally gay for dolphins...) and couple of hotels so you'll never have to leave!

Well well well, whether you are fan of the Mickey mouse and his poorly made overpriced mechanizes or not, you must already knew that HK Disneyland has not been doing so well since its' opening. Is it bad management or may be just because everything the HK government touches turn into shit? I do not know. But you know what? As the senior tourism correspondent of the Pub I can tell you that as soon as the Shanghai Disney opens in 2014, HK Disney will be deader than dead.

Why so seriously pessimist you say? According to my sophisticate and advance research (which involves me taking the Tung Chung line on the MTR 6 days a week), over 9000% of HK Disney visitors are from the Motherland. Don't believe me? Try taking the Tung Chung Line out of Tung Chung right after the park's closing hour, you'd feel like you were right there in Motherland after the Sunnybay station. (Btw I bet our Motherland cousins will kick out asses in musical chair every freaking time, wayy too fast for us..) So when the Disneyland in Shanghai opens, which Motherlander in their right mind would go through all that trouble to come to the Village for a little bit of Micky mouse loving, when there's one right in the heart of Motherland?

C'mon. Let's face it Hong Kongers, proud as we are, we all know deep inside our villager hearts that Motherland will never and I mean NEVER let Hong Kong be better than Shanghai at anything! ANYTHING period

Is it all doom and sadness for our Disneyland? Well maybe not, there might just be a way to solve this problem with Shanghai Disneyland. Take a look at the Disneylands in the U.S, there's one on the East Coast and there's one on the West, both co-existed rather well, don't they? You guys see where I going with this, don't you?

OK, here's the scenario, it's 2047, Motherland no longer has to keep her dumb ass false promise anymore (Chapter 1; article 5 It says 50, no more no less baby! look it up!). The red storm troopers come marching in and HK officially is a S.A.R no more but became part of the Canton Province. Huzza! There you have it! Your very own North side and South Side Disneyland just like the ones in California and Florida!! In the year 2047 we all basked in the glory of Motherland! Those who lived in the South enjoyed the HK Disney and those in the North bugger off to the one in Shanghai. Problem solved, everyone has a fairy tales ending and lived happily ever after, apart from the Pan-Democracy Camp and the Libertines Pub's contributors who were all trialled and executed as traitors to the Motherland.....
Happy ending indeed. Firework for all!!

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