12 March 2010

Hong Kong Power?! Wut?

First of all. lol TVB. You suck.

I had to get that out of my system, ok now we can start.

So..what exactly is Hong Kong power (Spirit)?

Every time when something horrible or tragic happened in a epic scale (Financial Storm, Financial Tsunami etc etc..u name it) in our village, local social commentators and the media always seems too eager to point out the fact that us Villager are a resilient and tough bunch of warriors, and will ALWAYS bounce back no matter what.

Even thou in fact we are have quite a high percentage of whiner and moaner in our village, whom are lead by a another bunch of whiner (this lots actually get paid to whine). Apart from the whiners, we also have our armchair activists who actually tries to save the world and improve our village by...by sitting in front of his monitor and blogging vigorously (I heard he updated his blog 5 times on Christmas Eve, 5 times!? X'mas eve?lol) Let's not forget this village also has a number of highly qualified professional who has no clue what's going on as its' back bone.

With that being said, of course we still have our honest, smart and hard working folks who do process the so called Hong Kong spirit.
So what is my point, you ask?

My point is, Hong Kong power/spirit/telepathy/regeneration/Jedi mindtrick or not. It does not matter.
While the media and the government would like to give you numbers and statistics to tell you that Hong Kong is doing ok and bouncing back, the truth is, as a local working slave, life is getting harder than ever in Hong Kong and shitty power aint gonna make things any better soon. Why ? Look over to the East to Macau, you ever heard of Macau power? Let me tell you this, Macau doesn't need no stupid fucking power. Macau has one thing, and that one thing is called obedience.

Didn't get it? Macau hardly even flinch at this, while over in Hong Kong, well we all know how'd that go right? -->

Puppet Chief Executive? Say Olá to Fernando, Macau! And then everybody in Macau said Olá to Fernando.

Motherland is pleased. Here, have some extra land. (seriously, extra LAND, WTF? it's like your mom knows you like candies, but since you were bad, she gonna punish you by giving it to your sister.)

It's worth remembering that Macau and Hong Kong will forever serve as Motherland's examples of one country two systems to our rebellious brother Taiwan. And it is a big slap to Motherland's face (!) if an anti-communist hot spots(反共基地) like Hong Kong gets all glitter and gold.
As Motherland's global economic and political power grows, it gets easier and easier to manipulate the S.A.Rs' economic. and guess what? It pains me to say this but someone gotta say it:

Fuck your Hong Kong Spirit/Power propaganda.
As long as Motherland sees us as a bunch of whiner and trouble maker, Hong Kong will never prosper again.

I'm so gonna be labeled as a secret communist.......

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