05 March 2010

Being Asian makes you a 10

When it comes to desirability in terms of race, I always heard Aisan girls and white guys are most wanted, and both tend to be attracted to each other.

Well, I was brought up in Hong Kong and none of my friends known from childhood, i.e. the most traditional Asian girls, ever got a white boyfriend or just a white guy friend in their life. They dress like ordinary Kong-girls, in baggy outfit, without makeup and probably in spectacles. They seldom need to speak English in their daily life, only read local gossip magazines and watch Cantonese soap opera. They are shy to meet new people, and usually knew their boyfriends from study or work. Once they got a boyfriend, they usually stick to the traditional Chinese romantic formula: develop a long-term sexually-exclusive relationship with him and get married.

The above proposition only comes to mind when I begin my work and after-work life in Central, where East truly meets West and the first language is English. I knew a number of Gweimuizais (a colloquial term which refers to genetically Chinese but mentally Western girls, who have grown up or studied in English-speaking countries) in the district. Few of them are married, mostly single. Their idea of going out starts with 11pm and they show up in heavy eye makeup and curves-hugging revealing outfit. They work out and are mostly tanned. Their English is at native level. They’re open to anything and anyone new as soon as it’s fun.

Not surprisingly, I find myself surrounded by white guys every time I hang out with the group. I learn not to be judgmental when one or two disappear with a Caucasian, and not to assume they are boyfriends and girlfriends when they exchange hugs and kisses or even hold hands.

Soon, I come to a conclusion that when white guys say they’re attracted to Asian girls, they are actually attracted to girls who speak, dress and play like white girls, but born with an Asian frame (petite build, smooth skin, dreamy eyes…you name it). Only these oriental beauties welcome the seduction from white males. In terms of mentality, white still attracts white.

Some girls of my acquaintance even insist on dating white guys, never their own race. However, my concept of equality is, a male’s charm should be assessed irrespective of his race. Taking out the fact that he’s white, if he’s an old, overweight and pathetic loser, he shouldn’t deserve anything more than his Asian counterpart does. After all, the last person we fancy is Santa Claus, no matter how far he comes from.


  1. So what exactly is your point? That you are somehow better and have worked this out? Maybe you should take a trip over the border and see your 16 to 20 year old 'traditional' counterparts with 40 year old fat ASIAN government officials, mine bosses, crime bosses, etc.

  2. And maybe you've NEVER stepped out of HK but there is no such thing as a 'white mindset' just the same as not all 'yellows' are the same, again, all you need to do is go accross the border to China and you will find, to dumb it down to your level, yellow people acting white, yellow people acting yellow, and yellow people acting black, with not a single foreigner or foreign educated person involved. If you go to a 'white' country you will also find white people acting yellow black and white.

    Maybe your writings will appeal to those who are insecure about not having the same social status as someone who has studied overseas and doesn't know a thing about anything outside of their own little sheltered cocoon because they are too 'shy' and 'traditional' for it to cross their mind that maybe the whole 'we are descendants of the dragon' ethos which you obviously believe in is meaningless and only the result of xenophobic
    propaganda aimed at making everyone easy to control, but to anyone with
    an education your article is total rubish.

  3. Wow...there is the rage we've not seen here since the Martin Oei/Kay Lam incident...

    Having a bad day over there, Anon?

  4. isn't it funny that in 2010, race in human societies still matters? 30 years ago we thought we'd be breeding intergalactic species by now...

  5. hey anon(i assume both are the same one), your example is about the seductiveness of money and power. that's another thing. my point is, someone's attractiveness should be assessed irrespective of race. just this simple.

    and without a bit generalisation you can't make a point about the whole world. that's why ppl love oscar wilde's quotes btw. (and thanks for the one on people not studying overseas)

    i told you, henry. im going to offend someone with my rubbish! pls fire me please~~~

  6. And I told you I started this blog to annoy people...

    I still couldn't get why Anon is pissed...maybe just a bad day. Friday nite drinking will help, I guess.

  7. I think there's definitely something to your argument about white mindsets attracting each other. I'm a Vietnamese woman who came to the US when I was 7 and I'm attracted to solely white men and in large part this is because their perception of the world and how one ought to behave in it corresponds to mine. I can't speak for all Asian women who are attracted to white men, but I think that their claims of lack of physical attraction to Asian men are also a consequence of this social and cultural incompatibility rather than any inherent inadequacy in appearance. I agree that attractiveness should be assessed irrespective of race, but as you've pointed out, it's culture that's driving this Asian woman/white man pairing.

  8. Woot! The Libertines Pub is really getting international now!

    Welcome everyone, Haters and lovers! Enjoy your stay and check out our other lame contents!

  9. thank you, love. thank you for being this outspoken and understanding.

    just tried to explain the phenonmenon (turns out you're more articulate!). most importantly, not to judge people by their sexuality.

    in fact i'm often be taken as Gweimuizai (you are what your company are) and sometimes, i don't deny it for the sake of fun =P

  10. We living in a strange world, turns out that it works the other way round for some people. Just google the term 'weeaboo'

    Just like you said. Things like that really shouldn't be assessed by race. But as demonstrated by the Weeaboos, sadly it does.

    BTW White guys and Asian girl are most wanted? I respectfully disagreed! U forgetting the Latina and Latinos!

  11. Thanks Eric. A new vocab learnt in my little warm cocoon!

    and I love Selma Hayek and Gael García Bernal! Hola!


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