04 February 2010

Why sex can boost your luck

I, as a woman, always believe women should be protected from violence, rape and abuse. They must know how to protect themselves because their body is so hot that their male counterparts fantasize about access to it every 5 seconds. Life is too short to entertain all the lonely, bored and inadequate dicks in the world. We should save it for someone who’s not only after one thing, or who’s after one thing but too hot / too cute / too rich to resist. Right? (Provided that you are a well-informed adult and take safety precautions of course. Disclaimer in place.)

However, whenever I read news about some alleged rape / indecent assault cases, I was as perplexed by the story lines as by the Universe. You left your hubby at home, drank at a hotel bar alone, made out with a horse trainer you just met in your car, decided you were not up for further encounter, then accused the trainer of assaulting you? What rationale you can put up except you can’t bear yourself to be fondled without spiritual love? You agreed to be driven home by a medical school alumnus you just met at a party, stayed the night at his place and the next morning you accused the guy of raping you? Being shocked to find you can be seduced by a non-boyfriend/husband/Brad Pitt material overnight, or you can have sex but not make love, doesn’t mean you did not consent. Simple logic.

Recently, the case of a teen model being tricked into having sex “rituals” nine times by a Taoist Mao Shan master put me to further wonder. As a member of the Smarter Sex, I’m oh so unwilling to admit we can be this stupid to agree on having unprotected sex with an ugly guy thrice our age. Not to mention there are no 1000 thread count bedding and erotic candles, but probably cartoon-print bed sheets and smelly incense. Yikes.

As a result, I would like to adopt a more emphatic approach to deduce why some women fall prey to such mysterious trick, which I believe, had happened and will happen again and again.

The most probable reason is that some women, especially those aspiring to be models, tried and it worked. Others are convinced as a result. From the papers we knew the Mao Shan master was recommended to the victim by her friend. Doesn’t it tell us something? Maybe it’s not a trick at all. Maybe it’s a secret truth that yearns to be tested and proved.

Which leads to my conclusion, if my reasoning serves me right:

Sex does bring you luck.


  • It releases the “feel-good hormone” endorphin, which gives you a positive outlook on every aspect of your life. Positive attitude attracts positive luck.
  • It gives you an afterglow, and glowing skin is essential for modeling career.
  • It may boost your pheromone production, which draws you a large fan base.
  • It is a nice workout session for all your sexy assets. We all sell sex in some way, don’t we?
  • It teaches us what works on our bosses (i.e. our beloved males) and what doesn’t, so that we can suck their purse with all our might.
Once we grab this simple fact, we are free to choose anyone to share this dose of luck. So why bother paying some old baldy to do the job?

I’m going to grab someone for some fortune making tonight. May fortune be with you in CNY. Muah*

Bambi is here to disprove the statement "there are no girls on the internet". We met her in one of the thousands Omegle sessions we tried, where she came back with "21/f/HK" when we asked. Her insight and knowledge on how to give men boner relationship put libertines here to shame. She claimed that she is an OL working in Central; but considering the fact that she never managed to answer a phone call before noon and her extensive sexual knowledge, we're just not sure. Nerds, there're girls on the internet, at least at the Libertines Pub.


  1. My mind went else where when i saw this...

    'It teaches us what works... and what doesn’t, so that we can suck their purse with all our might.'

    Yes you may all suck my 'purse' with all your might.. but no teeth please..

    Oh forgive me Bambi, I do think about sex all the time, yes every 5 seconds. lol

    Good post, sister!

  2. thank you, bro. thank you for being this specific but pls skip me the details next time.

  3. I probably don't get what's written here in the original post. But basically I don't condone date rape or the sort. I respect the lady in all women even when they act like tramps sometimes.

    Back to comment ...
    No, the devil is in the detail, I want all the salacious details, from experience or imagination. The teeth is good as long as they don't bite off part of your entertainment center down there. Doesn't the fear add to the excitement? Isn't it the whole point? They are rhetorical questions, don't answer me.

  4. thank you for respecting the ladies. some date rape cases (esp with drugs and alchohol administered) are stronger but the two I quoted are weak. in fact the accused were acquitted in the end.

    What I'm trying to say is, women should respect and get to know their own sexuality so that they won't give it to some Mao Shan masters but someone much more deserving. After some time, I also realised teasing guys too much but not giving in will piss them off and lead women to undesirable situations.

    the teeth issue reminds me of another Fung Shui master. Yikes again.


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