01 February 2010

Why I Am Not A Christian

I presume most people will admit that Christianity, as one of the greatest religions in the world, has changed minds and filled lives. All religions, as I have been told, are designed to preach love and promote the good of humanity. I have been diligently looking for evidence, but what I have been met is endless frustrations. It embraces the virtue of herd instinct and condemns our freedom to express diverse ideas and opinions. It reveals to us the dark side of human nature. It confirms us the belief that we are destitute of an abstract quality called love and on the other hand capable of spreading hatred, fear, and jealousy. All this may not concern the people of Hong Kong. But as our moral Taliban, the Truth and Light Society, and our deeply religious celebrities in Hong Kong so desire to lighten us with the words of the Bible, it deserves the utmost attention.

It is not uncommon that the words of the Bible are taken as literally true. I read about an instance many months ago that the singer Stephanie Cheng was deeply touched by the words of the Bible. She was an addictive smoker. One day, her religious mother pulled out a Bible and recited certain verses in the Bible in hope of convincing her to quit smoking. Because we were all made in God's image and hurting our health means violation against God's province. Surprisingly, Stephanie was touched and vowed to quit smoking. Her mother has successfully invited us to the moral sentiment of the Middle Ages. Only a couple of weeks later, however, I read that Stephanie was unable to resist the temptation of Satan and resumed smoking again. Whether there was any Christian trick from his mother this time, I do not know.

Recently, two of the former singers in Hong Kong have got married and their news has elicited in me some interesting thoughts. Both of them claimed that they are devoted Christians but only realised about two months before their marriage that, after being warned by their best friend, sleeping together and having premarital sex are violations of the Ten Commandments. Therefore, the pronounced wife, in light of the Christian virtue, offered us a good piece of advice: Try not to engage in premarital sex as soon as possible. I admit this is a good advice and I convincingly believe she was being good-hearted when she said this. But as deeply religious as they claimed, I am afraid they have forgotten the great teachings of St. Paul. St. Paul repeatedly reminds us that 'it is not good for a man to touch a woman' and that he speaks of marriage as a 'permission, but not of a commandment'. What St. Paul suggests is that celibacy should remain the supreme virtue. Marriage is only allowed to prevent the sin of fornication. Therefore, this couple is not as religious as suggested. After all, their God is omnibenevolent. It is needless to worry at length whether they will reside in hell after death.

But the virus of faith refuses to just wander around the minds of celebrities in Hong Kong. The Truth and Light Society is in the virtue of spreading the epidemic of faith to the general public. Unlike the Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato, the society does not urge us to arrive at our ideas of right and wrong through rational enquiry and unbiased evaluation of evidence. It suggests us to follow its advice and obtain the objective moral truth. Aside from their preservation of conventional taboos, it wishes to take part in how some school materials should be taught such as the concept of human rights. Is this tyranny? I fear not. Because most of us are subjective, prejudiced, and blinded from the truth. We can only obtain absolute truths, they advise, despite of the doctrine of the free will, through the Christian eyes.

What, then, must we do? We need to stand upon our feet and look fair and square at the world. We need courage to conquer the world with free intelligence. There is in this society so much cowardice and so many people who look back to the past that is already dead. The twenty-first century should be the Age of Reason, not Age of Faith. We do not need an authority to guide us what we should do. Humans are far more than capable of thinking out what is best for them. This world needs courage and kindliness. We already have the power to do this. It is the will that we are lacking.



  1. Assuming one wants to pursue a fruitful life; only focusing on law can be pain as it's like sending one's soul to prison once violating it; on the contrary, it's only after life change one will find observing commandments meaningful and surprisingly, free.

    Quitting smoking then retaking is telling as human effort is not unshaken. We are subject to temptations we cannot resist. We are not reliable even to ourselves; corresponding this to different religions promoting love and every goodness by "ourselves" while we can't even resist telling lies and being jealous.

    What's the point to be good if the "way" to achieve a better life is bitter than being "secular" itself.

    But there is ONLY ONE "Way" free of our human effort and our yoke is light. I hope you can find the answer.

  2. .... Because we all just want to be a Mao Shan Masters, helping all young models to achieve fame and prosperity by sacrificing ourselves. Though I must add that the latest miscarriage of justice did set back this Chinese great religion somewhat and the HK Judicial system to the dark age. I mean how could this Master be sentenced to jail for consensual sex? For what? Most of the love affairs are built on false promises anyway. Are we going to sentence all the guys to jail just because of the love or passion is gone or the guy can't fulfill his promises. How old is that woman, is she 13 years old? Maybe they were just engaging in some sort of co-play kind of sexual fantasies, who knows. And look what happened, that poetic justice just went to destroy the Master's life, what kind of justice is that?

    Now back to Christianity, I say let a hundred flowers blossom. It's a matter of free speech. If you don't agree, laugh at them. Let the market decide, sort of.

  3. Endorsed!

    I'm studying Fuck Shui for now! Pussies FTW!


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