26 February 2010

Preserve Hong Kong!

Our Echoes Of The Rainbow has won the prestige Crystal Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival recently. Now people are talking about preserving the historically significant Wing Lee Street. The Libertines Pub is now contemplating the making of a movie that will be shot all over Hong Kong. If we're lucky, we may win a prize in some international film fests and there will be a reason to call a halt to all developments in this Village. Hong Kong will finally stay as it is forever! Because we know that every Villagers hate seeing something like this. We all hate the Star War Hong Kong in guts. We hate the developments in West Kowloon, we prefer something like this. We hate crossing our beloved river harbour in this manner, we prefer this. Hong Kong should look like this...maybe this...no...not preservationist enough...we want Hong Kong this way!

Considering the advancement in our historical awareness, we can soon strike out "Hi-tech" and call our lovely home the Village instead. Have a nice weekend!

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