05 February 2010

On Writing.

I am not here to talk about Stephen King's fiction but the act writing itself. For a person like me who doesn't write often and well, this act is really "For writing sake, I write." Just like many other shits columns you may come across on newspaper, no matter free or paid. Paid newspaper doesn't gurantee anything but more paper, Henry's favourite newspaper is a good example but not the only one.

Read this if you read Chinese. For those who don't, please use our great Google translator. I give you a little explanation in case the translator returns you with some funny things. The writer is commenting on a magazine cover with a photo of Christina Chan wearing "sexy" clothing at home taken by paparazzi. The magazine detained the photo for a year and have it published after some civic events in January. The writer's logic is, Christina and her followers should thank the magazine for help in propagating her politic belief while other entertainers artists have to spend a lot of effort to make up stories with reporters for a magazine cover. And Christina herself should be blamed for wearing such "sexy" clothing at home that gave chance to paparazzi......etc....etc. For a similar issue 4 years ago, a young female singer was captured changing backstage and the photos were put on a magazine cover. The same writer wrote on her blog with a very different standpoint.

Sorry readers, I tried to think in the writer's shoes but it's so smelly which I couldn't stay long. Do you?

If you are paying for shit columns like this. Read us, for free and free beer too.


  1. HK Columnists tend not have a strong viewpoint, and their opinions sway from time to time. This could be attributed to a lack of logical thinking, or simply "pleasing" the general public on what they want to read...

  2. Or ''pleasing'' their editor or main sponsor cough cough ahem Sing Tao...cough The Standard...ahem ahem


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