26 February 2010

Not taking side is a side itself

It’s always easier for us to understand human nature when we divide it like a watermelon: cut them into halves and dive our spoons into each. That’s why we form teams. Team Jolie and Team Aniston. Team Conan and Team Leno. Team Jacob and Team Edward.

Then, people tend to fall into a fallacy that if you are not Team White, you must be Team Black, or if you don’t take side, you don’t use your head and heart to think and care or you don’t have the strength to step up.

This fallacy is gaining its popularity in local context. If you are not Team Anti-XRL, you must be Team Establishment. If you are not Team Long Hair, you must be Team Bowtie. If you are not Team De Facto Referendum, you must be Team Commie. If you aren’t on either team, you’re just another indifferent, ignorant and selfish villager, who is blinded by the economic sweeteners showered by our government and Motherland.

Once I was asked about my view on the Democratic Party. I said they are working for a good cause even though the means they use won’t be working. We can’t hate them because of the limitations they are subjected to. Then someone argued that the Democrats have been milking our sympathy and support for good causes all these years. Suddenly, the discussion turned into a Good vs Evil debate on the party. I felt weak as I secretly agree with what my mate said.

Truth is, people act on mixed motives, just like an over-enthusiastic Christian friend or your insurance agent. They can do you a favour truly from their heart on one hand, and hope a favour back on the other. I may not like their dark side but I don’t need to despise them. I can even like them as a human, or offer my support when there’s no better candidate.

Back to the debate, both views are just capable of co-existence without conflicts. We don’t need to take sides, and it doesn’t mean we don’t have a well-thought-out opinion. It may be that a side, a school of thought or a political camp that can soundly represent us hasn’t existed yet, or our thinking is not that one-dimensional to represent.

Regarding to Jacob and Edward, can I have both? =P

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