09 February 2010

Lunch with a libertine

I often love to lose my redneck colleagues at lunch and grab a bite with someone nicer in a better neighbourhood. I tried multiple times to get our Bambi Cherryboom out to lunch; but the places she named were just beyond my budget. Can't help, she's an self-proclaimed OL from Central after all. So I tried something easier yesterday; I took the young girl next door out. Long legs, big eyes. She's definitely a sight for sore eyes. The only problem is that she watched both Twilight and Twilight New Moon. I can take Twilight as a mistake, but New Moon...And she started the lunch off by telling me that it was her sixth time watching Titanic last Sunday on TV. I let my eyes do their rituals while shutting down my ears on her.

We're in one of those cafes on Gough Street. Sitting next to our zero privacy table (typical setting in those filthy cafes) were two fine middle aged women. One of them were making different phone calls in walkie talkie style (speaking while holding the damn phone in front of her mouth instead of sticking it to her face and simply not listening to the receiver at all). Her furious explanation on certain something to her lunch mate and her wicked way of using the phone caught my ears (while my eyes were still on the big eyes and those legs). She was moaning about the sewage overflow problem at her residence near Gough Street. I learned that they had asked DAB for help already, but as they're not sure if DAB could help, somebody suggested approaching Kam Nai-wai, who is also a member of Central and Western District Council. I guest it's the slogan from Kam's blog at work here; "Find DP if you need help, DPHK works!". I was a bit puzzled at first by the warning that furious woman gave her fellow angry residents, "when you get to Kam's office, don't let them take pictures of you!" I thought she's worried that Kam would use the pictures taken to make advances express interests to her. But then I realised where she's coming from on that. She simply doesn't want to appear on the next promotional flyer of the Democratic Party. I can't help but thinking that must be typical: it doesn't matter if they're DAB or the pigeons, when shit happens (reads: you got a shit flood at home), you bring them in to deal with it. Just don't let them take pictures.

That woman's calls to other people repeating the same warning over her walkie talkie lost their groove, so I started checking out the conversation at the table on my right hand side. Another two fine young ladies were there. Half of their conversation was in English, mixed with Cantonese sentences in between; typical bitches classy ladies you see everyday in Central. I saw tears in their eyes while they're seemingly talking about something serious. They're from Maryknoll Convent School and they're talking about their neither-god-nor-church-could-save tree. Most of their dialogues went around a never ending loop similar to comments you read here. I was just thinking, what'd these intelligent girls say about this accident. Of course, that pine is not just a pine to them, it's their hometree. Rest in Peace, tree. If you've ever been really unrest in your 70-year life.

At last, my ears turned to the legs again and learned that she's Team Jacob. I love lunches, especially those on Mondays. Cherryboom, could we pick something more affordable?


  1. WTF, can we have more Team Edward here?

    Though I actually Team Macho Man...

  2. I'm Team Stone Cold, Let's have a feud Henry. I will be the bad guy.


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