12 February 2010

It's going to blow

One of the news this week that catches my eyes is this. The locally employed pilots are fighting for equal treatment with their expatriate counterparts in the Company. With a glance, the news seems to suggest that the local pilots are requesting something ridiculous or at least doesn't make sense; i.e. housing allowance for a local employee working in his/her hometown. The company's response seems to reinforce this perception.

I heard some insider stories from a friend working there that might shed some lights on this. Not long ago, there were two applicants for the direct entry pilot positions, they both have the same qualification and were born and grew up overseas. Both of them got a HKID with residency. In the end, one of them was offered with expats terms while the other was offered local terms. The only difference between them is the skin colour. My friend also told me that the same situation happens in many other departments within Cathay Pacific like that of the aircraft maintenance.

This Hong Kong flagship airline company has been haunted by different labour court cases recently, you can find it here, here and here. When you let this little match fire continues to fuel, a chain reaction will starts very soon and fast. But, who left the matches in the wood in the first place?

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  1. Another reason to dislike CX

    By the way, nice tag-Hong Kong Slavery. Me likey


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