05 February 2010

I'm in your blog, ruining your democracy

Did you guys read yesterday's post? Yea, It's by a girl (I heard she's hot) and the content was good too.

As with most things, Ying usually is followed by Yang. Hence I'm here to counter all that good stuff and make your long Friday, even longerrrrr. YEAH!!

(I can almost hear you guys moaning ''oh no, not Eric! Can't it be Will or Henry? or that Hot Chick from yesterday, dammit, Dick or Icarus are fine too, but not Eric!)

Sorry but I've got sour news for you, much like this great techo village of Hong Kong, this pub ain't running on the democratic juice neither.

Speaking of democracy, not so long time ago in a village not so far away, the LSD (annoying members, but ROCKING acronym!! Dude!) managed to get the attention they deserved by resigning from their uber important seats on the council of the Galactic Empire. Not only to piss Vader and the Emperor off but to also use the attention they've gathered, milked them for as long as possible, then collected the essence to make hair conditioner for the guy with the long hair.

Just check out the guy on the right, look at those mane, look it at, I SAID LOOK AT IT!! So long, so wavy, it's majestic, isn't it? Jealous much? I know I am.

Apart from taking a pop at grand daddy and making hair conditioner. I think they also resigned for some other shitty reason, which I forgot..Would you guys please excuse me and wait, while I call Henry to ask?

While I make this call, why don't you guys read this post from the pub, I think it's some how related. BRB...

Ok...I did called Henry and he called me a fuckface then told me to fucking use the fucking Google...

Bastardo....what's wrong with him..it's only 4am in the morning.

So I did fucking use the fucking Google and it turns out that the LSD were pushing for a resign-for-referendum plan, how did that work out for them? I don't know, my time machines broke down, and Michael J. Fox is too old to time travel with me, but blindly pushing for a general election referendum without educating the population on democracy 1st, is just a disastrous clusterfucks waiting to happen...and one that I will thoroughly enjoy lol hard at.

But hey! Since you guys are much smarter than me (Be confident! Judging from this post, u can tell a 2 year old is smarter than me already) and you guys DID read that post I linked earlier (bloody good post, right?!?!!? Right?!!)

Perhaps you will realized that all that money and energy spent on pushing for a general election might all be down the shitter once the Emperor uses his ace up his sleeves and do us a Iran/U.S/Nigeria/Afghanistan/ <-list too long, use the fucking google to find the rest. It might all be too late, just ask the Iranian/American/Nigerian/Afghan So, stop relying on the attention collecting fairies and education yourself on your democracy!! Me? Fuck that! I'm off to play Assassin Creed 2 on my PS3.(Hellooooo!! Sony endorsement!)

That's how awesome I am.


  1. Agree totally. I hope I'm wrong, but I believe that most of the so-called "democracy pushers" in HK are either too intelligence-challenged to see the bigger picture, or they have other agendas in their mind.

  2. Sadly, it looks like you are right, and i guess most of them DO have their own agendas in their mind (Hair conditioner! really! lol) and it's not really that hard to see, is it?

    That being said, 1 thing's for sure...It's their loyal supporters that are intelligence-challenged.


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