24 February 2010

Hong Kong is overflowed with Angry People

Yes, there are far too many angry people in this Village. At least we have 3,000+ here.

What've you done during the Chinese New Year holiday? I was busying myself with different trivial things IRL and never had a chance to watch this important TV ad featuring a cartoon Donald Tsang and our favourite piggie McDull until today. I didn't even have a chance to get enraged and write thousands words accusing Bowtie, the authors of McDull, and every other shits I got over the Chinese New Year holiday, ROARRRRR!!!!!! I guess I should hop on the bandwagon by joining the 3,000+ angry folks there. Just need to do a hypocrisy check, or else I'd have to leave the group in two days if somebody found me...

This cartoon ad, which I guess millions of people in Hong Kong ignored, got on the nerves of those 3,000+ people in Facebook, a university lecturer, a few influential bloggers/columnists like this, this and that.

They basically thought that McDull was sold out. Their favourite piggie was sold out to the evil Darth Bowtie.

They thought McDull represents certain mysterious values/points of view/ideology/Weltanschauung of Hong Kong. This piggie is the most sacred of all cartoon characters, and Darth Bowtie's co-existence with him is the worst blasphemy that could ever happen.


I could hate Donald Tsang for many other things he did, or did not do. But making a big fuss out of that 30-second, entirely negligible, cartoon ad for Chinese New Year sounds a bit...stupidly fussy to me. I know you fans of McDull would say that I don't understand the values/points of view/ideology/Weltanschauung McDull represents. Well...yes, I don't understand. Go back to your FB page and have fun there. Don't watch the next McDull movie, throw all your McDull merchandises away. Feel good about your righteousness from there.

I only ask you commentators for one simple favour. Stop quoting Haruki Murakami's Jerusalem Prize speech. It really gets a bit tasteless by now. Whenever you're not happy about something the government did, you quote Murakami's egg-wall metaphor. I couldn't help but asked Haruki Murakami how he feels about that. Oh eggs, sometimes I am more disgusted by rotten eggs than big tall wall, please.

3,000 rotten eggs make a tasteless System called Bandwagon. We made the System and it starts to "take on a life of its own, and then it begins to kill us and cause us to kill others – coldly, efficiently, systematically."


  1. The attempted McDullification of the Tsang Administration backfired. The collateral damage is McDull. Could the Tsang administration get any worse after this episode, probably not. I question the wisdom of associating McDull with any political figures. I don't recall any Disney characters doing any campaign for any political figures. McDull is guilty by association no matter the new year greeting is as apolitical and innocuous as it can be. I think the creators of the cartoon just underestimated the indignation towards the Tsang Administration. Not a wise business decision.

    Personally I don't really care about McDull but if people want to get their panties in a bunch I say feel free.

  2. the only thing i care about is, it should be donald rolling at the bottom of the ad, instead of McDull. =P


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