11 February 2010

Free Beer! For REAL this time!

We've been tweeting about #FreeBeer, we've been talking about Free Beer in here and in our sad 160 fans Facebook fanpage. When will the Free Beer come that is not for tomorrow? Readers, it's on 18th of February, 2010!

The next Libertines Pub contributors drinking session will be on next Thursday 18 February 2010, starting from 7pm till dead faint. It will take place in the only place that let Henry in our favourite local pub Stag's Head. Come and join our retarded contributors there! Want to claim your Free Beer? Here's how.

We're desperately in need of fans in our Facebook page to boost our egos. We've set ourselves the target of getting 100,000 people in our page and then changing its name to "I believe I can find 100,000 people who hate Libertines Pub". We're sure that you can help on this:

  1. Invite as much friends as you can to join our Facebook page.
  2. Go to our drinking session. Show us those friends you invited who joined us after this post came out. (We have all the gadgets for you to log in your Facebook, no worries!)
  3. The person who has invited most friends in will get a Free Beer from the Pub.
  4. If there's a tie, our Ms Bambi Cherryboom will decide who is hot enough to should get the Free Beer.
Free Beer for REAL this time! Invite your friends and annoy them for the rest of their lives for a pint of Free Beer! It will definitely make your day!

P.S. We'll be live tweeting the BS from there, our official Twitter hashtag: #LPFreeBeer. See you all!


  1. Shame I can't join you guys, but just to let you know that I got a way round to read your blog in Big Brother China.

  2. Nice, Daveed! Nice!

    Make sure you let us know when you'll be around HK!


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