25 February 2010


The public consultation period on the 2012 constitutional review came to an end last Friday. The HKSAR Gov't claimed that they received about 40,000 submissions. They will summarise and put them to the LegCo for vote before this summer.

As we all know, the consultation is really just a consultation, no more. The Gov't has her own agenda (or received instructions) on this issue, though she tried very hard to pretend that she is not. Last Friday, Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood (ADPL) and the Democratic Party met the Gov't officials submitting their opinions and suggestions. After the meetings, both the Gov't officials and representative from each party expressed positive comments. In such settings, it's very likely the Gov't can get the chop from the LegCo.

Readers, do you feel like watching a drama or TV show that the actors are performing according to the scripts only? While civilians like us, the audience, the main stakeholders in the issue, aren't having any significant role in this. I am pessimistic in politics, even the most successfully democratic country in the world is having a "frozen" capital at the moment. Are the House and Senate really fighting for the best for their citizen? All of them are at least having the responsibility towards their voters, what if a legislation organization and government are not responsible to general public? The outcome should be obvious.

I'd rather back to the screen watching a real drama to fulfill my fantasy in politics.

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