07 January 2010

What do we really care in Hong Kong?

Who the fuck is Monique Chau (周凱盈)? I certainly have no clue until Wednesday evening, when TVB Jade evening news reported her press conference after the court had read her 12 months' probation for ketamine possession. Yesterday morning on the MTR, I saw this junk news headlined all of the three Chinese and the only English tabloids (AM730, Headline Daily, MetroHK, and the Standard). It turned out that same thing happened with our favourite Apple Daily. Whoever manages this teen model must have got a very good relationship with the media; PR consultancies out there, get this asset quick! Or it's more likely that the 40 reporters who followed this piece of news, or their bosses who asked them to do so, are all idiots.

Who the fuck is Monique Chau, I have to ask again, who could make it to the headlines of all these newspapers? The idea of holding a press conference is itself peculiar enough. Did they think that this Ms Nobody is Noriko Sakai, a long time international celebrity, who calls
for a press conference like this after her conviction of drug possession? Who cares if Ms Nobody repents?

Well, I shouldn't have said those reporters are idiots. The media in Hong Kong don't lead, they simply follow what we prefer. It's probably us who care about Monique Chau, and that's why she made it.

At about the same time, there's another young woman who has been trying very hard to make a fame fight for her ideals and was brave enough to risk her life marching among the first row last Sunday to the Central Liaison Office. She then accused the LSD for taking advantage of the life-risking hard works of the young democracy fighters. The accusation against LSD by this young woman called Christina Chan (陳巧文) stirred up a nasty fight among different Internet Tough Guys here, here, and here. RTHK interviewed her, but still, she didn't make it to the headlines.

Judging from this, this, and that, Christina, I think you could have done so much better than Monique. The Libertines Pub offers you a piece of free advice: stop wasting your time arguing on the internet. Snort some ketamine instead.


  1. Good post!! I was shocked to see this on front page news too!! I had exactly the same question on my mind "Who the heck is Monique Chau???"

    Anyway, happy birthday to you Henry!

  2. Huzza!!! Christina made it to the front page of SCMP today!! Huzza!!!


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