21 January 2010

Villagers, XRL is just the beginning......

I am glad to see what's happened in the last few weeks in this Village. Some Villagers had been enlightened that they could DO something rather than say something when their voice wasn't being heard in this weird well structured political system and didn't get shot or smashed by tanks. Next time nothing is guaranteed.

Someone worried the XRL is just a fuse to a bigger fire to come when a more controversial issue of constitutional development will be put up to the LegCo. In a glance, this is obvious, however, the way things work in another way round this time.

In the XRL issue, there are "real" victims, who either lose their home or will have their building in danger during the construction. The voice is from outside of the LegCo. In the constitutional development issue, direct victims are those pan-democrats, the effect to the society is abstract and long term. This is not at our absent-minded, straight-forward smart Villagers advantage. They are empathic to fellow Villagers but their empathy is restricted to those they can touch and see at the moment. Next generation of Villagers, who cares?

Back to the XRL, why our emir is so insist to have the terminal at West Kowloon and it's all tunnel? Think about why our emir's new office has to be at that site. Both are at the heart or to the heart of the city.

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