05 January 2010

Those ads suck big time because...

They're the living proof of Hong Kong becoming (or actually has become) a Nanny State. I searched the YouTube for ads asking you to wash your hands regularly and found this.

Since when Hong Kong government started treating us like kids who'd watch Sesame Street and listen to what Elmo teaches us? If you search for public information ads made by the local government in YouTube, you will find that ads in 80' and early 90' asked you not to do things like littering or setting the country park on fire; they asked you not to do shits that could harm the public good. But nowadays the public information ads, or more precisely these "propaganda", asked you to wash your hands regularly and clean your home. I'm not saying that washing your hands and cleaning your home are bad things to do. I wash my hands regularly and like it when my neighbours keep their homes clean, so that no mouse or cockroach would find their way to my place. But using our money on making ads that meddle with our private lives? And the ad told us that if you don't wash your hands regularly, you become the epidemic-spreading mafia! Big deal, Dr Evil! Another similar shit being that since 2003, we have had one more moral rule to observe in our already over-moralised society, that thou shalt wear a face mask if you think you're going to cough or sneeze, even for once, in public transport. With air quality like that in Hong Kong now, I don't see any of us could possibly leave home without a face mask on and not get the frowns from fellow commuters.

If you find ads or PSA like our Elmo lectures in other places, please let me know. I found a similar one, and I'm not at all surprised, as it comes from the Nanny State nearby that some of us look up to so respectfully for years.

And what's up with allowing horse racing and football gambling but at the same time making gamblers looked so darn ugly? If we decided that gambling on horse racing and football is our right and a matter of personal choice, why make it sounds like the gamblers are doing something wrong? Of course, people having problem gambling are sick and they need help. But we don't need to portray them as creepy zombies, do we? And is it really true that all gamblers fail their families?

You can also compare this local anti-smoking ad with this one from UK. Both ads talk about supports we can give to smokers on quitting, but there is a subtle but important difference. Anybody feels that the local ad looked like a bunch of meddlers urging the smoker to quit? In the UK ad, however, the smoker decided to quit before we can talk about supporting him. You would understand me better if you smoke: how does it feel when strangers come up and appeal for you to quit? Or when others frown at you even if you light up in the middle of nowhere, outdoor, and that you're pretty sure that he/she can't smell shits?

More importantly, do these ads work? I think they're more like jokes and I bet most of us ignore them. After all, how many times we wash our hands a day, rather we clean our home regularly, or when we should quit smoking, are really personal choices. We certainly could give support to smokers who decided to quit but face difficulties, or people who're so retarded that they have no clue on how to wash their hands. But nobody, not even the government, has the right to tell us what to do with our private life.

Anti-smoking ads like this rocks, maybe.


  1. Obviously, the HKSAR has taken up the role of "preacher", telling us how damned we could be if we blab blab blab...Love your post

  2. Daveed, I have been worrying that readers would take that Onion shit serious, and accuse me for being anti-gay...you know people here, lol!

    Anonymous, thanks! I thought this kind of thinking could be a bit difficult for some, hope I have made myself clear!

  3. srsly, you need to have at least 75% of sarcasm in your blood to understand The Onion, (if any of our readers didn't get it, you can drink my blood-it has 100% sarcasm in it)

    Btw I was once offered to be in one of those government Ad on the street.O SNAP!!! should hve said yes to that offer..


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