11 January 2010

Retarded Government Ads: "Beware of Employment Traps"

I regret for not seeing this ad earlier, I'm now a victim of the employment traps...

My employer "lured me into pursuing further studies" when I applied for this job. They told me that the number of hours of training I have each year affects my score in the performance appraisal, which in turns affects my year-end bonus. I ended up wasting some of my after work hours in some retarded training.

And I'm sure these two civil servants were tricked into some sort of "pornographic traps". Or else how was it possible for them to spend 75% of their working hours on porn sites?

It's Monday, let's all fall into employment traps. May all of you working in private sector have more training, and the civil servants read more porn at work to come up with these retarded ads!

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