15 January 2010

Police Line Do Not Cross

Some of you will be gathering outside of Legco today and tomorrow to simply party express your opposition to the Express Rail. A few of you have been on hunger strike for days and will probably become easy targets for the coppers. Although I don't give a damn about the Rail, I do care about those Post 80' kids out there. Especially when it could be THAT dangerous if you're taken downtown.

The following poster speaks the truth. Hey, you know you got away with lots of ass-kicking!

We might need to start putting up this warning sign around; we still don't have a clue what has happened with our poor Nepalese man. I only know that the hearing of the case is conducted in Chinese and none of the poor man's family member speaks the language. Just in case!

Ever wonder what's the vision of those rookie officers?

And I heard that if you google "麥嘉安", you will see some pretty gross amazing private shots of a policeman.

I always think that time goes pretty slow working as a police officer. You hang around the same old spot for eight hours a day (forget about what those TVB dramas told you, life of a cop is never that entertaining at all!). I just didn't realise that it could be really, really, really, really slow...

Relax, peeps! We all know there're many good cops in Hong Kong. Still, some of your colleagues are just helpless. Let the kids have a good time outside of Legco today, get off-duty on time and have a good weekend, sirs!

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