06 January 2010

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

There's finally a piece of bad news from the Access to Information Officer of the Social Welfare Department to my request. The bureaucratic reply without proper salutation came in right before X'mas. As I anticipated, they are not going to make it easy for us. That would mean a trip to the central library's microfilm archive to me, unless any of you happen to have a copy of the 22 October 2007 SingTao Daily or the Standard and will be nice enough to make me a copy of that.

The great Big Lychee, Various Sectors had this good post earlier about "the rise of fundamentalist Christianity among middle and senior levels of Hong Kong’s professional, business and bureaucratic classes". The post is so darn good not only because they linked us (LOL!), but it also nicely pointed out that the local Christian Right movement is proselytising people at different levels with their anti-liberalism agenda. They also pointed out that this movement got the "Communist, patriotic blessing from the mainland officials", as summed up in this HK Magazine article.

Last July, I wrote a post here about one of the reasons for me to have started this blog. I see similar problems developing in Hong Kong as discussed in the Big Lychee post. I called that religious discrimination, when

"Members of any religious group may apply the teachings of their bibles to every other decision in daily life. People from other religious groups, or non-religious people, could be deprived of the fair chance in employment, promotion, and enrolment to schools."

It's nice to know that the blogger from Big Lychee shared this vision. Let's all remember not to give a shit on 13th of February; I have scheduled a reminder post on February 12 as promised. Big Lychee found a picture of their collection bags to help us identify them.

As for the weekly bullshit video clip from the Society, I recommend this clip this week. I wanted to ask why university students should not play dirty games for some time. Let me talk about that in another post.

Until then, may the Truth and Light be with you!

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