22 January 2010

Know your Hong Kong Misnomers

We're now compiling a Libertines Pub List of Hong Kong Misnomers, or in plain words, misleading names. Let us have your contribution by commenting this post!

What's that? For example, we all know there's a certain political party in Hong Kong uses the word "democratic" in its name, but how democratic they are is the question to ask. Basically shits like that. Suggestions do not have to be political, just be creative and have fun!

We know that our readers are mostly idiots who can't read and you need pictures!

Our classic example of misnomer:

And of course, "Blackboard":

Ever wonder if they can really "recycle" a thing?

Send us more! Enjoy the weekend, peeps!


  1. lol well i'm not sure if this counts, but i always found it interesting that 魚香茄子 doesn't have fish in its ingredients.

  2. or that 海南雞飯 didn't originate from 海南島, and 葡國雞 came from Macau rather than Portugal.

  3. The best ones of course are official names of countries. You'll find that those with words like Democratic or People's in the name, are neither democratic or belong to the people.

  4. Yes, Daveed. Those misnomers of countries and organisations are all very interesting.

    And thanks to our anonymous friend up there!

  5. my high school chemistry taught me that all elements have atom..but 原子筆.. won't actually causes a huge mushroom cloud like it's cousin 原子彈. Or maybe I haven't been using it correctly..umm.

  6. I have a theory that the original Chinese word for ball-point pen was 圓珠筆, but maybe the person who said it had a Chiu Chau or Hakka accent, and it became 原子筆。Ihave not checked any history books or wikipedia for this, just my weird guess.

  7. that could be it!!However, my old man has another theory: back when we 1st have the ball pen, we have just discovered atomic science (the bomb and all that) and every new products was branded atomic so it's cool, kinda like how every new product now are either ''Nano-tech'' or ''HD'' lol

  8. I support the "atomic" theory.

    E.g. 原子印...because it doesn't require a stamp pad, it's revolutionary, new like the atomic bomb back then.

  9. Guess Eric's old man is right, that's why we also have 原子褲!


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