29 January 2010

It's dangerous here.

This Village is so dangerous. As a responsible blogger and for the fact that the Libertines Pub is getting serious now, I want to share with you a few Village survival tips.

Theft is very common in the Village, every male is horny and there're so many uncivilised people and acts on streets that make you feel uneasy.

You should protect your purse or bag well no matter how desperate you want to show off the little thingy that costed you tens of thousand bucks. Protect your back and front well even if you are the only one rushing in and out of the train and squeezing into a queue. Why the MTR isn't doing anything to make things better? Their counterpart in the ancient civilised country is improving now. Oops, I forget that MTR is just another misnomer in this Village. Its real business is here.

When you come to a doorway, the one in front of you have an obligation to hold it for you. You may just walk through without a thanks, smile, nob or even an eye contact, Only uncivilised people are worthy of your blaming because they don't know the rules. If one day, a door bangs at your nose, don't be surprised, you are the only civilised people here.

It's definitely okay to walk alongside with your friends chit chat on a narrow street even you may notice other pedestrians (with less right) are trying to bypass. This is what Carrie and her friends are doing there!

Dear civilised villagers, do you feel the same?


  1. Ha! Dick! Good stuff.
    Also, we need to put our bags on the seat next to us on MTR, no matter how many other passengers are standing. Just to...just to make sure nobody smelly sits next to us....

  2. On bus too. Like taking a long haul flight, we must get an aisle seat and put bags on the window seat.


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