27 January 2010

The Internet Is Serious Business; so our kids need help!

WARNING: Our buddie Anon told us that some of the links down there are NSFW. So, you're forewarned. Actually, I'd say the whole Libertines Pub is NSFW anyway. Read at your own risk, pal!

The newspapers are usually filled with boring stuff on Mondays, but this report: "Young feel better after internet rants, poll finds" on this Monday's SCMP caught my eyes. It is well known that most of us at the Libertines Pub are Angry Young Men and we certainly feel better after ranting here. So, I was not going to miss this news...

It turns out that it's about people who're much younger (and possibly angrier) than most of us here. The loving Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups "interviewed 693 students from Form One through Seven about their behaviour online and how that made them feel". The results were what the SCMP headline suggested: our kids love to rant online and ranting makes them feel better. What's the problem with that, then? Maybe we can just let the kids rant and rave as much as they like online and expect them to come back IRL good and healthy? No, they feel that these raving kids need help; because according to the Federation:

Information is disseminated far and wide quickly on the Internet. Negative writings can accumulate and disperse like germs online. Being constantly exposed to such negative information, young users might develop negative emotions.

OMFG!!! As a responsible blogger, I'm contemplating rating this site 18+. We've been writing about negative shits for more than six months; an average of 1,000+ idiots visited us every month and they must all have got infected! I hope they didn't try to kill themselves or what. Kids, if you're under 18, stop reading and click here.

The Federation is now deploying a team of online counsellors to take care of our kids' feeling. It was reported a kid called "Dante", who used to spread negative germs on the Internet, now writes positively online, like "jokes, compliments or other encouraging remarks".

I think the Federation has made an important point here. Internet ranting is not just another kind of ranting. The Internet Is Serious Business. According to Encyclopedia Dramatica, it's scientifically proven to be "the end of the world" for any person found to be a loser online. Reference can be made to this chart by a major US research group. Who dares looking down on the Internet now, after the emerging of the "new media" in Hong Kong? We saw the triumph of the Anti Express Rail activism through Twitter. We witnessed Internet Saturday taking over the City Forum. We even have a hashtag (#cityforumhk) at Twitter so that basement dwellers can participate in the Forum in a mind-fucked manner without the trouble of showing up in person. We have Tweeters who promised to show up in every City Forum to facilitate the twisted participation. Just like the Avatar taking over Jake's real life, I feel the great power of Eywa, don't you?!

In view of the seriousness of the Internet, the online counsellors certainly need to help the kids to cope with this new age. In this new age where your assface matters less but how many hours each day you spend online to catch up with the 100+ tweets per day record, our kids certainly could use some counsellor service (online).

On a side note, while I was researching on the subject at the authoritative Encyclopedia Dramatica, I found that the occupation of the assface I'd messed with before is called "e-lawyer". I'm in deep shit...I think.


  1. Dude, that was a bad link, and I am not talking about assface. I am talking about dramatica. First there is explicit porn ad, like not work safe AT ALL. Second, AVG detected Threat, namely Exploit Javascript Obfuscation (type 714). No good man. Perhaps it's Mac safe but for the other 70% of the PC population it's not. Anyway, the 2nd point I can't be 100% sure, like Google accusing hacks are from China kind of uncertain.

  2. I'd have thought the bad link was Assface!

    Anyway, Anon, as Internet is Serious Business, I'm gonna put a warning sign there!


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