26 January 2010

I'm in your blog, ruining your religious ideologies

Hi guys, for the past few weeks, the blog has seen some pretty darn intelligent and serious posts. And guess what? Yup, I am here to ruin it all by insulting your intelligence with mindless ranting and childish observations. (So it's nothing new if you read Martin Oei's blog regularly, I guess). let us begin.

A quick mini poll here, how many of you here in the pub has heard of Haiti 4 weeks ago?

Well excuse me! But I had! Not because I am a well-informed individual, but because I used to watch Heroes and there's a Haitian guy who plays a Haitian guy who has the power to take away other people's power ( is that some Yo dawg?), in fact for most of the series he was simply refered to as the Haitian, hence I knew Haiti!! (Hi NBC!! We are open for ads! we have 137 fans on FB!!)

And for those of you who is not a hopeless geek don't watch Heroes, either way, you must have heard or seen what happened in The Republic of Haiti on the 12th of Jan 2010. (if not, it's ok, go back to sleep, sorry i bothered your hibernation)

When something of this magnitude happened sometimes we mighty human realized that shit has hit the fan and we have no one to blame or point our fingers at, err.. well, let's blame the natural disaster on the supernatural, right?

While God him/herself didn't actually make any statement regarding the incident, there were no shortage of people who's willing to give him credit for it. Here is American televangelist aka stupid old man Pat Robertson telling us that the Haitian founder made a pact with the Devil and properly deserved it. (Ouch.. Thanks for setting back our religion a 1000 year, Pat! Great work, you douche!)

Because, seriously, God ain't gonna come down here and say:

'' Srsly wtf?!! Damn you mofo, I didn't do that shit!! It's the freaking Earth Crust you guys sitting on! Yes..yes I put it there, but I haven't touch that shit for millions (6000 if you ref the bible) of years! what? Full of glitches? oh yeah?! you try to made that shit in 7 days, then we'll talk about glitches, you guys can't even get Window Vista right! No! you can't get a new planet, you guys just gonna ruin it like how you ruined this one. Yea whatever, I'm so sick of you guys blaming me for stupid shits. stfu man. I'm going back, talk to Jesus if you need anything.''

Yes, I got carried away with that, but it's alright, me and god are buddies, and he/she and me go way back.

I have NO IDEA what's that Morgan Freeman pic is doing up there. No idea.

While it's pretty fucking stupid to put the blame on the Haitian and God for this tragedy. You know what's equally stupid? Showing a picture of dead Haitian children and claim that it proves that God doesn't exist.

God, exist or not, the whole thing is still caused by movement of Earth Crusts, unless...Of coz!!! under God, those children were supposed to live forever and stay harmless even in a 7.0 Earthquake!! And if they died, it must meant God is not there!! Also, if God's here, he/she would never have let such tragedy happened! So he must not be here at all! and if I'm correct! No God---> which also means the earthquakes were caused by movement of earth crusts and totally render the point of dead children=no god moot....hey...wait a minute there...I am confused...(It's getting all very Yo! Dawg again..)

So believers and non-believers, why don't you both drop your stupid reglious ideologies bullcraps and focus on what's really important by actually STFU and help those who were affected?



Give bitches! Coz it'll make you happy and you can brag about it in the office to impress that chick/guy with the nice rack/package.


  1. Finally a post I understand, or so I think.

  2. LOL, our Anon Buddie!

    Hope you like my post tomorrow!

  3. O lord, am I getting a fan? Man, the stress of fame is unbearable, can't cope...gonna do a Lindsay Lohan style meltdown.(no post for the next week)

    lol just kidding Henry, there will be post.

  4. I almost punch the fucking monitor when I read the "no post" sentence!


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