13 January 2010

I simply don't give a damn about the Rail; does that bother you?

Nobody asked if I support or oppose the Express Rail. The possibility being that nobody really cares if "I" support or oppose the Rail; the Post 80s Anti-Express Railway Group have already taken over the "I".

There's no consensus among us here. Icarus told me that he found the Rail problematic; Eric and Dick said nothing so far; William lives in the states, he probably knows very little about that. I don't oppose having an Express Rail. I'm not annoyed by the cost; there's no real refund for tax anyway. Neither do I worry about where to locate the terminal. To me, Hong Kong is a tiny city and it's easy to go from one point to another. Impact to the neighbourhood upon construction? I live with construction sites. I don't remember living far away from one since I was born.

Does that make me a pro-establishment sucker, or even a "secret communist"? Assfaces like Martin Oei accused me to be one before. He is always retarded good at that and would make a good struggle session leader. I have my writings in the Pub to prove how ass-kissing I am, don't worry. (Hey fucker, I link you here again and again! Feel like accepting our invitation by now and make friend with us?)

Yet, I do not support what the government is doing; I never support a government. It's their job to appeal to me, the people, to not object their exercising of power. This time, I have yet to see a strong reason to oppose the Rail.

I did ask around to check if those "Post 80s" I know support or oppose the Express Rail. Of course, I see many different activities on the internet voicing opposition to the Rail. But many of the people I talk to in person don't necessarily oppose the Rail; some even manage to support it, because they think they will very likely be using it. And they live far away from Kam Sheung Road, so screw the "better" option suggested by the Professional Commons (= Albert Lai Kwong Tak+ a bunch of IT guys= self-proclaimed professionals)!

Yes, great show outside of Legco last Friday. But let's face it, there're people who either don't give a shit about the Rail, or they even support it. They don't have to be ass-kissing supporters of the government. They may simply think it's cool to have another fast rail to ride on when they pay a visit to their mistresses and that they happen to live closer to West Kowloon than Kam Sheung Road. They may also not care about the poor villagers in Choi Yuen. Nobody has the obligation to give a shit, after all. Please, don't make it sounded like we're responsible for social justice; no, we don't. If you feel like helping others, go ahead, kudos to you! But don't fucking tell me that I have to do what you fancy doing.

Make pretty sure that the power of the people is not the power of a group of people forcing opinions upon others who don't give a shit or don't bother to express opposing views. Just leave us alone. The case is not strong enough this time for some of us.


  1. Shoot, looks like nobody gives a damn about you not giving a damn about the rail .... Little boys growing up building model train sets and now when they grew up they wanted the real thing and get this, it's totally a Freudian thing, the freaking train, going in and out of tunnels. So there you have it, a psychological analysis of the choo choo train. I am sure William the photographer slash philosopher would disagree but that's OKAY, he treasures different opinions even they are as stupid as the ones here, I mean ones as my comments not the posts in this blog.

  2. If anybody cared about some of us giving not a shit about the Choo Choo train, they wouldn't have claimed all Post 80' oppose that. So you're right there.

    As for the comment thing, we absolutely love different views! Our motto here: think otherwise! We started this place to annoy each other, bro!

    Think I invited you to write for us, how about that?

  3. After much cogitation, I am afraid I have to decline your invitation. But I feel very honored and I want to make sure you knew that.

    (If it was a joke that's fine too, haw haw haw.)

  4. Give us a guest post or two when you feel like it! I'm sure you'll fit in well!

  5. I am far from being a photographer or philosopher. And why are you so sure that I diagree with you Freudian train theory? Of course, all opinions are welcome as long as they are not too stupid.

  6. Will, I like stupid comments. It's only stupid to withhold commnents...LOL!


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