28 January 2010

Failbook at Libertines Pub: Hypocrite WINS!

Failbook.com and Lamebook.com are my recent favourite websites. You can tell by their names that they have something to do with the retarded shits in Facebook.

Liking these sites so much, I started checking on FB every five minutes, in hope of finding some FAILs/LOLs/WINs. Finally, I found this real PWNED WIN yesterday:

For those of you who don't read Chinese, here a crappy translation of the key points:

...the shameless acts (of the pro-establishment, retarded Legco members) will only make the pan-democrats more united!

Charles joined the group "I believe I can find 100,000 people who hate the League of Social Democrats"

Charles updated his FB status after the pro-establishment Legco members forced an adjournment of the Legco meeting by walking-out yesterday, to prevent the five resigning pan-democrats legislators from speaking. Three among the five resigning Legco members are from the League. Ouch...

As the Internet Is Serious Business, we investigated into the matter and came up with these possible causes of this WIN event:
  1. Charles joined the group by mistake;
  2. Charles' FB account was hacked;
  3. LSD is not among the pan-democrats;
  4. Charles joined the group to monitor the activities of the pan-democrats rivals;
  5. The Libertines Pub made all these shits up by Photoshopping the above screenshot;
  6. Charles is a hypocrite, and he WINS!
A poll will be put up tomorrow here. Give this WIN a bit of thought tonight, come back and vote tomorrow! Free Beer!


  1. 7. Charlie is a big fat TOOL

    End of poll.

    Is a fact y'all

  2. And WTF?! U check your facebook every 5 mins?!?! Serious business indeed.

  3. I agree with you! These two websites make my day sometimes! You really have great freaks in this world! I think the Americans are the best for that! The Chinese are not bad as well! ;-)

  4. Thanks for coming in, Dotty!

    Hope that's not too painful for Charles...lol!


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