20 January 2010

Christina made it!

There're stiffness in my pants tears in my eyes when I saw this at the 7-11 last weekend. Christina finally made it! After all the sweat and tears, she finally made it to a magazine cover! I consider that a much better publicity than the headlines of those useless tabloids. It's a big fat WIN this time, Christina!

Some people in the High-Tech Village don't see it as a WIN though. About 500 hypocrites righteous people joined this Facebook group condemning Oriental Sunday for peeping at Christina's private life. Our daft Society for Truth and Light is never late in this kind of outcry. They sent out this statement yesterday, with links to different complaint channels.

I dunno what Christina thinks about this yet. There's nothing related said in her blog. Her only updated complaint there was the sold-out of her teenage idol Nicholas Tse. But for those of you who got offended by the magazine cover and the peep, our advice is rather simple: don't talk about that anymore. Refrain from saying even a word about Christina and Oriental Sunday. Don't even look at the covers of the magazines when you walk past the news stands or 7-11. Just pretend that it never happened. "No, I don't know what kind of panties Christina wears", you have to speak to yourself. After all these years of complaints and they're still publishing these hot gross pictures, there's only one explanation I can think of: it works. Showing that you don't give a damn about these pictures will make the editors of these magazines start to think that the peep stopped working. It at least helps making Christina looks less like an ASW.

No, Christina is definitely not an ASW, we've got a clip to prove it. She's just so cute and innocent!

Sorry, my money's still on having more of these peeps, our Villagers are just so helpless.


  1. Nobody looks this sexy on crutches except our goddess. I just have to accept that one can be intelligent, political and yet sexy (or being a total ASW, your word not mine). I accept her as such and I respect her as such. There I said it.

    I think her nonreponse response to the tabloid is appropriate. Don't even bother.

    For the record, is it a panty or a thong? I think it's a butt-floss, no?

  2. Butt-floss yes...lol!

    Now we're more interested in that...than her social activism.

  3. I don't give a shit about Christina's activism, I do give a shit about her arse in thongs, makes my dick hard, hehehehehe!


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