11 December 2009

What we've learnt from climate change..

The Copenhagen climate summit has been one of the headlines we saw these days. Some say it's so important that it will determine the future of human race. And before this, officials of Maldive and Nepal performed some great shows to the world about how their countries' survival are threatened by climate change.

But what's really going on about climate change, I don't know. Especially when 'climate-gate' suggested that our respectable scientists might have been fooling us for years. What I certainly know is that big and rich countries are going to benefit from and take the lead in emission control while the poor and developing countries will suffer. The rich brings the world an emission cap and created something called Carbon Credit that are distributed NOT equally per capita, but where the rich get more. The poor use the credit to buy necessities and technology from the rich because things they provide are all 'green' and left no credit for development.
Some smart guys are already making real money out of it. Got better paid than the vice-prez job and the prez job you dreamed about for years, Al?

I can't can see a way out in stopping climate change with so many dump great world leaders fooling cooperating with each other in the summit. Why bother then? Let's leave the climate thing in their good hands, go driving a Hummer and have some great steaks!


  1. I am all for environmentalism as long as it benefits me or it doesn't inconvenience me too much. I need my cheapo toilet paper and all non-organic stuff from China, it's almost the only stuff I can afford in this recessionomy. And I need all the Google servers up and running so I can crank out all this crap any time I want. By the way, the summit requires some 1200 limos and 140 private jets in Copenhagen to save the world. So some people deserve limo and private jet while I take stinky public transit? No freaking way. I am going to order my big ass Hummer. Now. If only I can afford it.

  2. My PhD was studying the effects of climate change on UK office buildings. Unfortunataly the future weather data which I based my work on was from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA). If you have read in detail the news on Climategate, that's the place of the leaked e-mails!!

    Damn it!! Is my 4-year study now meaningless??!!

    Anyway, despite the scandal (which I partly believe to be true), I still feel that the human race need to move onto renewable energy sources. With the unpredictability of solar and wind etc., my real hope lies in the development of fusion nuclear power (not the radioactive fission method).

    Anyway, the same old rift between developed and less developed nations appears again in Copenhagen. This meeting is not going to go anywhere and perhaps we should all jump on a spaceship and find a new planet to pollute.

  3. Thanks for the comment and sorry for the belated reply.

    As the summit goes on and more conflict and dispersion among countries, rich, poor, developed and developing, I am not optimistic about it.

    May I wish the development of fusion nuclear power can be much much much faster than the rate we poison the Earth.

    Perhaps we may all be dead in wars for water, clean air, resources before we all have chance to move to another planet.


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