18 December 2009

What we really really really want? Pictures!

Dick has been updating us on the important climate summit COP15. Let's keep our fingers crossed on the final agreement among the 192 countries. By the publishing time of this post, the summit should be about to close and we will probably have an idea about the future ticket price to Mars.

We never doubt that the mother earth is getting warmer; we've got a picture proof here:

We're only a bit sceptical about these fights meetings when countries split instead of coming to an agreement, as pointed out by Dick:

And also, about the "smart guy":

Some of you might ask, what the hell carbon credit trade is about. Ignore that link to Wikipedia! We found this little comics that explained the deal better:

In the end of the day, we can definitely save our planet together!

Try not to worry too much, fellas! It's almost Christmas! Enjoy the weekend of eco-friendly Christmas shopping!


  1. Henry C: Stop stealing grandma's underwears already. You are supposed to use stockings for Christmas presents.

    Merry Christmas Henry the Pervy.

  2. A quick solution for Global Warming Hot Air? Duct tape Al Gores mouth and cut back on the Hot Air and Hypocracy


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