17 December 2009

What they really really really want?

Following the Climategate, once again there is a smart guy who wants to manage our expectation by some false or partially false claims about the melting of Arctic ice cap in summer months. It turned out that the scientist, whose work the smart guy's claim had been based on, came out and said "It's unclear to me how this figure was arrived at." Please, no more cry wolf. People do not believe in you anymore.

As COP15 approaches the end this week, our future may come to an end too when countries split. Everyone knows this agreement will be so important, not just because whether we can reduce the rate of damage to the Earth or the rate of use of resources on the Earth and survive longer, it also defines the new international order. The US is losing her domination in world economy and China has become a major buyer of her debts and goodwill after the economy turmoil. Having a say in the new order is essential to the states' strategy of survival, which requires a hold on both ends of the world by controlling the oil supply from the Middle East (that's why they're in Iraq) and capping the emission from your economic opponents.

When less people are concern about or believe in climate change and the world's leaders just keep playing tricks among themselves, no one should be optimistic about our future. Have you booked your ticket to Mars?

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