07 December 2009

Updates! Our retarded fellow bloggers

We've officially got on the nerves of Martin Oei (黃世澤)!!

He threatened to bring Milfo and me to the Equal Opportunities Commission. We're shitting our pants now that we need more brown pants in supply. This moron also had an article published in Apple Daily today, where he still clung on to the "residence permit" thing we talked about this morning. Hey Martin, why don't you check the facts a bit before accusing others for being biased and discriminatory? That will make you looked less assfaced!


  1. Martin Oei is famous on threatening his opponents over internet but the point is that he is never able to do any harm to anyone.

    Below link is Martin Oei personal profile in Chinese - it was made by others, not himself. Hope you are able to read Chinese. Surely you will laugh your ass off by reading it.


  2. Thanks for coming over!

    In any case we couldn't read Chinese, we can always Google translate it, lol!


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