11 December 2009

New Poll! NERD RAGE!!!!!!

We've been around the internet for some time, and I personally played WoW for about a year. Nerd Rage has been one of the most interesting and astonishing human phenomena we saw on the internet. Although we sort of understand nerds in some way, as we waste spend about an hour or two everyday online writing shits, tweeting, checking Facebook and downloading porns, we go back to real life to deal with real shits after. And not like our enraged nerd friends, the time we spend online could never be enough for the enraging process. We might someday say something about the phenomenon here, but we're worried that we'd be accused of making groundless claims and get another nerd enraged. That's why we decided to launch a scientific research project called NERD RAGE: National-wide Empirical Research on how Douchebags, Retards, and Assfaces Got Enraged!

To streamline the works, as we're not making any profit out of this crappy site, we will conduct a poll here. It should now be posted at the side-bar----->

Go and answer that now! Help us understand these peculiar creatures!

To thank you for your help, I give you the following collection of Nerd Rage pictures!

To be politically correct, I give you a female Nerd Rage:

This maybe useful for our research?


And of course, our famous AVGN!

Enjoy! It's Friday finally!


  1. "...we go back to real life to deal with real shits after".

    Yeaaah, suuure :P Mr. Blogger is all but a nerd.

  2. Welcome, dude! Though it's a bit too late for this post. We've got better contents coming!


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