15 December 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

There was no Truth and Light Watch last week. Most of you know that we've been busy hiding our asses from the assface who hurt us and our buddie so bad by publishing our WFC important personal information here and here. The libertines here have been through the most terrible week of our lives. We wept non-stop, regretted for our unfounded claims and lived in the darkness for days. Truth and Light are something so alien to us during last week...

Those were bullshits. Seriously, I submitted an application to the Access to Information Officer of the Social Welfare Department mid-last week asking for the audited accounts the Society for Truth and Light submitted after their flag day in 2007. I waited, waited and waited. I sent them a reminder but there's still no reply. I told you that it would be a shitty experience dealing with the bureaucrats and I am right. I'm now developing my rage inside. Once enraged, I will Human Flesh Search the Access to Information Officer like what the assface did to us, because it works!

I don't plan to say much about the clip from the Society this week. It's plain retarded and hilarious. Even the speaker almost couldn't hold his laughter at 02:22! If he could somehow stop looking at the cue cards, he would make a brilliant stand-up comedian! Watch it here!

The cue card comedian asked us to listen to some positive love songs about monogamy instead of those talking about affairs and lust. I have a recommendation here.

I promise you that I will go after the Social Welfare Department. Until then, may the Truth and Light be with you!


  1. Hilarious clip from the Society!! I have a sneaky suspicion these people have an inner desire to have extra-marital affairs themselves.

  2. As I said earlier...it looks like they have a hard time working there...having to force themselves to do those stupid tapes...


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