02 December 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

I finally got the newsletter from the Society for Truth and Light today. Apart from other boring but hilarious stuff, I learned that they will have a flag day on 13 February 2010!

I marked that on my diary immediately to make a point of not donating a dime on that day. I know that sometimes you would get a bit thick, especially when it's early in the morning. That's why I've scheduled a post to be published here in the morning of 12 February 2010 to remind us all about what to do the day after. Subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter to get the reminder!

Let's forget about their stupid ideology for a minute. Let's not rant about their preaching like before for now. Let's check if they really need a flag day to raise their fund; in other words, whether it is rational for us to donate money to them.

Let's read their 2008 annual report. On page 5, there's an unaudited financial report of 2008. Two notable items are:
  1. Salary/MPF expenditure: HK$2,763,587.34
  2. Publication expenditure: HK$160,151.75
According to their 2008 report, they have 10 staff members, including the general secretary, one deputy general secretary, and eight other project officers. On average, each of them earn around HK$23,000 a month. Shooting a few bullshit videos to earn that kind of salary, not bad at all! Of course, it's almost certain that Choi Chi-sum would earn more than others. Let's guesstimate he gets 1/3 out of the total sum. His monthly salary would be HK$76,000+, while other nine staff members would still earn an average of HK$17,000+ per month. It's a somewhat handsome package for an NGO general manager overseeing a small team and managing a moderate annual budget of a few millions Hong Kong dollars.

What're the publications, then? Mostly what I found here are online materials. They published a few printed books that they sell for money. Looking at their 2008 income from publication, I can tell that those books are not selling. So a good HK$160,000 spent?

Also appeared in the 2008 annual report is a budget for 2009. Funny how they took away the item for salary/MPF; maybe they decided to work without getting paid this year. However, they still managed to make up a HK$4,200,000 annual budgeted expenditure for those stupid projects.

So their accounts are funny. This also reminds me that before they had a flag day last time in 2007, they placed two advertisements in the newspapers to appeal the public for donation. We all know how expensive those ads are, that it's almost impossible for the income from a flag day to cover the cost for those ads. It is also stipulated in the conditions for issuing a permit for organising a flag day by the Social Welfare Department that, "expenses in connection with the flag day should not exceed ten percent of gross receipts".

God knows where will the flag day donation end up in (maybe only He knows).

I don't know why SWD issued a permit to the Society again. But the government's support to this moral terrorists group is not unknown (check out also the related Pearl Report clip here).

SWD requires organisations to publish an audited report of the accounts "in at least one local Chinese language newspaper and one local English language newspaper within 90 days after the flag day, and a copy of the account certified by the accountant or firm or corporate practice and original copies of the said newspaper cuttings shall be forwarded to the Director of Social Welfare at the same time." Therefore, I will ask the SWD for a copy of accounts of the Society's 2007 flag day and see what has happened. I will update you guys on the foreseeable shitty enjoyable experience dealing with the bureaucrats in SWD!

Until then, may the Truth and Light be with you!

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