04 December 2009

If Eric can write, so can you!

The Libertines Pub is now looking for contents!

Haters and lovers, if you have something to say here write to "editor at libertines.hk".

It can be a direct response to our posts, or a new topic you would like to bring to the Pub. We welcome one-off guest posts as well as long term commitment.

Of course, we still miss that Lingnan University cultural studies master student. Give us a post like this one and we will put it up immediately for the hell of it!


We told you we're the leaders of the creative community in our Hi-tech Village, we naturally keep our eyes open at the creative works of our Villagers.

What's that about? It's a "creative design" asking for a Road Map towards universal suffrage in Hong Kong's Legco and CE elections. We wondered why it's a penguin instead of a sailor or a boat. The next one looks like this:

Oh, it's because this series of "creative design" has a "bird" theme. But that blue little bird there looked...

No, it's NOT Twitter! It's only that I tweeted too much to develop this mental illness of taking every birds as the Twitter bird. You can see for yourself here, you would agree with me!

Thanks, SC Leung, the geek who has "been working in IT for near 20 years" and likes to "collaborate with good people for noble missions". We see your nobility in your plagiarism design!

For our respect for creativity, we reserve a Monday spot for you if you will give us a guest post, though we're not "good people". Write us!

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