07 December 2009

Our retarded fellow bloggers

I wrote this guest post about BritishHongKong and its advocates for the Dark Side last week. Considering that the topic is so negligible controversial, and that those serious people over TDS hold very stringent editorial rules, the post could only come out this morning. We even had to have a meeting in Dragon-I last Saturday evening to nail things down with Milfo.

The post was controversial, because it would get on the nerves of one of the top Hong Kong bloggers, Martin Oei (黃世澤), who's a big deal in the local blogsphere and media. Yesterday, I read a blog post by his close associate from the famous Plastic Hong Kong Blog that is equally negligible controversial yet important.

The blogger there claimed that my favourite Chinese local newspaper Apple Daily had made a biased report on the EU citizenship issue related to BN(O) passport holders. How biased was that? The reporter asked the Office of the European Commission in Hong Kong and Macao and the British Consulate-General Hong Kong and Macao if BN(O) holders enjoy a right of abode in EU countries after the signing of the Lisbon Treaty. The blogger doesn't seem to like the big fat NO as an answer. So, he quoted a copy of this German letter to make his point.

He got that letter from an earlier blog post of his associate Martin Oei. That letter was issued by the KVR of Munich, after a certain netizen they knew had applied for a "residence permit" to Germany with a BN(O) passport. I originally thought these two respectable bloggers read the German in the letter; it however turned out that they had to run it through the Google translator to read it instead. So, you can see it's a rigorous journalism!

Anyway, they believed that this letter they cannot read without a translation and whose source and context are unclear told the truth that they like to believe; while the answers the Apple reporters got from the EU Office and British Embassy are biased.

I had known very little about concepts like "right of abode" and "residence permit" before I encountered those retarded intelligent posts of them, so I checked. According to an immigration information page of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, there're different types of permits called "residence permits". In all cases, these permits "as a matter of principle, granted for a limited period of time and for the purposes listed in the Residence Act". EU citizenship, which entails "the right to move freely within the European Union and to enter and reside in any EU Member State", refers to something else. EU citizens are not required to apply for a "residence permit" for staying in Germany during the first three months. What's the real context of that German letter then? Somebody applying for a residence permit or enquiring about his/her EU citizenship?

I don't know the answers for those questions. I only know that these two losers accused others for being biased while clinging on to a "truth" that they understand so little. And these are our influential local bloggers! We've heard about the great Martin Oei over the Dark Side. Who's that guy writing the famous Plastic Hong Kong Blog, then? He is Kay Lam (林忌), the multi-talented dude who wrote the lyrics to the famous "Folk Guy's always with you!".

In the Hong Kong blogsphere, we have these morons who don't know shit from shinola got followed by hundreds of people. I told you about how this douchebag, who're an active player in the local IT industry, plagiarised the Twitter designs to make some stupid shits. I'm now contemplating subscribing to this Complete Social Media Douchebag service to stay in tune with our fellows.


  1. Oh, so you do not understand what is the meaning of "EU citizens are not required to apply for a "residence permit" for staying in Germany during the first three months."?



  2. EU citizens do not require a residence permit. They receive certification confirming their right of residence. This certificate is issued by the foreigners authority or the registry authority. EU citizens have unrestricted access to the labour market.

    You read German right? So what is the meaning of "Bescheinigung über das Aufenthaltsrecht", as the title of the document I provided?

    So can't you read german and know that means
    "Certificate of1 Residence"

    So what's your conclusion now?

  3. Welcome to the Pub, our respectable blogger! Have fun here!

    No, I don't speak nor read German.

    The things are clearer now. Next time when anyone wanta go anywhere, they go and find you guys for advice, instead of going to embassies. You've got cases and experience which are equivalent to visas or permits. May I ask your permission on printing out your blogpost for my travel to Germany next time?

    Contrary to what you probably think, we don't hate you. We love the traffic you brought - it's done and there's no turning back, dude!

    We love you guys, but you're still retarded.

  4. Next time the US elections come up I am going to display a copy of Mr Gay Lam's post to the voting booth as my proof of US citizenship! Heh

  5. Oh! "Office of the European Commission" is the EMBASSY! A HEARSAY from SPEAKER of Office of the European Commission from APPLEDAILY = EMBASSIES

    Next time, print your Appledaily instead of applying for a visa, or print your Appledaily to stand for the US president election if you like :)

  6. Having lived in the UK for the last 25 years, I can categorically say that there is NO CHANCE that holders of the BN(O) passport will be able to aquire British / EU citizenship.
    It took many years of rallying and protests to allow 4000+ Ghurkas residency in the UK, and these guys have fought for the UK. What have the people of HK ever done to the UK?
    With the present climate, most nations in the EU are tightening their immigration policies, and with the ongoing recession, resentment to non-European races is on the increase. This is why your dreams will not be coming true.


    BN(O) was only "invented" to reduce the fear of communism taking over in the mindset of those who fled Red China in 1950s and 1960s. Britain has never intended to let you reside in the British Isles. Don't you think it has learnt enough from when India gained independence...

  7. Thanks, Daveed!

    It's not even about whether they can earn the right to abode in EU that we care. It's the way they imagine and dream about things that they know so little.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Having lived in the UK for the last 25 years, it's a pity that you DO NOT EVEN WHAT BNO IS and WHAT IMMIGRATION ACT 1971 IS! What a pity, yet, another stupid proclaimed BRITISH

    "BN(O) was only "invented" to reduce the fear of communism taking over in the mindset of those who fled Red China in 1950s and 1960"


    BNO was INVENTED by Hong Kong Act 1985, which gave back SOMETHING that was REMOVED from the original status for HK people who was deprived by the 1971 Immigration Act.

    "Immigration Act 1971

    The Immigration Act 1971 developed this distinction by creating the concept of patriality or right of abode. CUKCs and other Commonwealth citizens had the right of abode in the UK only if they, their husband (if female), their parents, or their grandparents were connected to the United Kingdom and Islands (the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). This placed the UK in the rare position of denying some of its nationals entry into their country of nationality. (One consequence of this has been the inability of the United Kingdom to ratify the Fourth Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right of abode for nationals, a right which is widely recognized in international law.)"

    "it's the way they imagine and dream about
    things that they know so little." -> this is most suitable for you Henry Chan. You made a BIG mistake but never admit it. Poor you, poor collaborators of racism, HENRY CHAN

  10. Most German officials simply know nothing about BNO. They cannot distinguish it from ordinary British passports! That is my experience with them when I studied in Germany years ago. Some BNO holders were even asked to vote in European Parliament Elections!

  11. As awesomely hilarious you might be, a minor suggestion? since your gags are rather long and obviously trying to explain a lot, a little grammar check would do us all good thou. Really had a tough time understand some of your points. or you can type in Chinese? Or it is too hard to translate stuff that u found on the wiki? and copy pasta here?


  12. Kay, honestly, we love you and Martin!

    What about buying you guys a beer? We're regulars at Stag's Head TST (http://www.openrice.com/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=3714), let's meet there sometime?

    BTW, Milfo asked for a translation of the posts by you and Martin. I'm busy with something called "real life"; could you give us a little help? We can put you through the racists there!

    Still, we think you're retarded. Just keep the shits (and most importantly, traffics) coming, suckers!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I think brother Lam misunderstood my earlier post. I didn't say BN(O) was invented in 1950s and 1960s, but it was primarily for the people who fled Red China in the 50s and 60s. You are right, it was invented, oops, introduced in 1985. Do you recall what happened the year before? A certain declaration was signed...

    Britain had controlled HK since 1842 and the New Territories since 1898, but why were citizens of HK not given any status before then? Strange...

    As the saying goes, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!" This seems to be the case with many ignorant villagers in this hi-tech village. They know some facts, but fail miserably to analyse the whole situation and see the bigger picture.

    "The grass is always greener on the other side" (or the Chinese equivalent "The moon is rounder elsewhere" for those less able in commanding the English language), so I don't blame people wanting EU citizenship. However, the way they go about it is like dirty little vermin trying to enter a building through any gaps they can find, believing the building is full of goodies!!

    I may be being unfair to vermin, as some of these creatures are intelligent enough to know when a route is inaccessible.

    It is especially sad to see so many sad little vermin living on Cloud Cuckooland, deluding themselves!!

  15. Hey Kay, being a responsible and competent reporter/blogger, who is trying to tell us the fact, please go to every EU member country and test your claim is valid.

    If you insist BNO holders (if you are) and any of the member countries rejected or discriminate you. BNO holders will be appreciated if you can bring this to the EU Court.


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