09 December 2009

For those of you who came through the retarded troll that worked on the nerds

While our new loves Martin Oei and Kay Lam busied themselves with finding out who we are, we enjoyed the traffic and fame their nerd rage brought. That is why we offered a few drinks to thank them a few times, but they never answer. Hey, Martin and Kay, we've told you we're regulars at Stag's Head! The burgers there are quite nice, you will have to pay that yourself; but the beers are on us! Check us out there, my friend!

So, new haters and lovers of the Libertines Pub, welcome! We only troll when we know it will work. And for these nerds, I did.

You may wonder what else we did apart from trolling. We have a weekly Truth and Light watch that brings you the latest stupidity of our Society for Truth and Light. We've been ranting about the drug tests. We even provided you with our survival tips on that. Contrary to what Martin and Kay thought, we're Apple Daily haters. We also poked at CCTVB.

We worried about the marginalisation of sex workers and the girls involved in compensated dating. We're Chrissie Chau lovers, so we tried to flame Erica Yuen. We declared war against hypocrisy, defended our privacy and private life.

We also have this "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" series where we took the piss out of a few Legco members from Starry Lee to Tanya Chan. We're just so sure that more will come on this, so stay tuned. Last but not least, we have this list of Missing People whom we'd love to reconnect with.

Those are some of the shits we went after. We never intend to be serious. We make fun of people and we almost always find ourselves standing on the other side. That's why we called ourselves libertines. We just think that people can always think a bit otherwise and have fun with that.

We come here, write a few paragraphs about some shits we saw. Then we leave our computers, head for a drinks or two, fuck our girlfriends/wives, then we go to sleep and get ready for another day of slavery. If you like reading our shits, we'll surely be happy and honoured. If you're offended, stop reading.

Haters and lovers, have fun here and come back for more!


  1. Whoa! what the hell man, free advertisement for the Stag's again?!?!11 They gave you free beer? How much they paying you? (I WANT IN!!)

  2. You're so damn thick, Eric!

    I'm gonna print this fucking blogpost out and show it to the manager there for a free pint of Tetley's!

  3. I am heartened to learn that you are extending an olive branch to both Oei and Lam because this world needs more love in addition to bitch fight on the Internet. Of course, you can still get a real brawl after the beer. Anyway, should they accept your invitation, please report back and let's know who's the better beer drinker (my money is on Lam) and who's the bigger asshole (probably a tie but Oei got the edge I think).

    I don't know how sexy you think this comment is but I tried.

  4. Anonymous, that is...very sexy! Like our beloved Chrissie Chau babe!

  5. Hey, Martin Oei does not speak English (or I should say it's more difficult to understand his English than his Cantonese). Surely he won't show up and meet you guys face-2-face!!

    Regarding to BNO issue, have you read Chip Taso's article in Apple Daily on Sun? It's very cool and our beloved Martin could use this to make himself famous hahah....

  6. 律師信魔人,

    Haven't read that, any link to share?

  7. BTW, dude, we're locals. We just write in English.

  8. I love to share but your blog does not seem to allow copy/paste....:(

  9. It seems to work if I choose profile selection later. Here you go!


  10. Thanks, bro! I think I found that just now.

    And hey, I saw your post at Golden. It's not about whether Martin Oei speaks English or what...as I told you, we're locals.

    Have fun, and stay tuned for other fun contents here!

  11. Having read Chip Tsao's article in Apple Daily, it's very similar to the comment I posted on 8th Dec to the Article "Our Retarded Fellow Bloggers". Did he copy me? Can I ask our dear friend Mr Oei to send Mr Tsao a solicitor letter on my behalf?
    Funny how his supporters think Chip is being ironic (curved line of attack!)!!

  12. Chip Tsao is god, Daveed! (my ass)

  13. Guys I just discovered you after being amazed by Mr O's amazing bs that he dishes out on FB. I've been trolling the dude for a few months and he finally cracked. Think I am the dude's public enemy for the next week. You guys are good - I like; please keep writing.

  14. Thanks!

    But honestly we love Martin.

    What is his latest retardness that calls for the Libertines' troll?


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