22 December 2009

Food for thought on Winter Solstice Festival

Yesterday, I talked about the conversation with a pretty hot lady online. Apart from bragging about having hot chick readers and luring those lonely nerds here, the post actually serves as food for thought for today. When you feast tonight on your greasy Winter Solstice food, think about the following question and have a stomachache after:

What is the most effective way of poking at others' value system?

Although we're self-proclaimed libertines and have the most liberal stances on different issues, we fall short of being relativists. Or else, we would never bother running this blog that makes no profit (anybody realises that we have never put any ads here?) and go on thinking what we trust and let others mind their own business. We do not want our readers to agree with us on everything. On the contrary, the more you're irritated, the better we've done. We write to irritate you and encourage you to think otherwise.

But from the conversation we read yesterday, sometimes it's obviously getting nowhere. We cannot buy the idea that values are not communicable or at least understandable. However, the defense system that protects one's believes and values may be the hardest one we see so far. That's what made this blog writing so interestingly difficult.

We try to use ridicule while poking at others' value systems. We used pictures; that proved to work quite well. Getting closer to the end of 2009, we invite you to think about how to make this shit works better with us. Leave your sexy comments, or write us, so we know!

P.S. that hot chick thing is for real, though some of you might still cling on to the belief that "there are no girls on the internet".

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