16 December 2009

Erica Yuen has her iPhone app, why not the Libertines Pub?

Weeks ago, the best friend of the Libertines Pub Erica Yuen bragged about showed us her iPhone app. Everybody knows that we're Internet Tough Guy wannabes and we dream constantly about becoming as successful as Erica one day. So we contacted these people at MotherApp, the company that made the popular OpenRice app, and somehow made them write an app for us. So here you go, free download at iTune:

Download the Pub's iPhone app

You can now get the latest update from the Pub in your iPhone/iPod. Our stupid Tweets are also fed into the app. You can easily retweet or share our bullshits in Facebook to make your friends frown at you using the app.

Download it today, get annoyed and annoy others for the rest of your life!

We promised to give Erica our free advertisements here, and so did I today. However, considering the fact that she's been successful enough in selling those funny green powder that makes you shit better, we'd like to recommend another less retarded and boring equally tempting app from the iTune store: the Kissy Chrissie Saipan 2009 iPhone/iPod app.


  1. Nowadays if you don't have your own iPhone app you ain't nobody. Do those funny green powder give you explosive diahrea? If so, I would like to get some for Christmas gift giving, just for people who always look so uptight and constipated, I think they need explosive diahrea. Just imagine E-X-P-L-O-S-I-V-E, how cool is that?

  2. You can leave Erica a message and ask. See if she will consider you a potential customer. Last time when I asked her to comment on my post about her bitching against Chrissie Chau, she asked me to stop promoting our blog in her site! That's why we offered her free promotions here! Make sure you're not promoting anything when you make your customer enquiry!

  3. She has very high moral and ethical standard, that's for sure. Don't confuse skankiness with her healthy sexualities, she will only expose half of her booby when it's absolutely up to her aesthetics and moral high standard like promoting from game console on a yacht for example or so I heard. If you were so much as to think or actually try to promote your site on her site (what am I talking about site this and site that) she will definitely be seriously offended, no surprise there. I am a proletarian I have nothing to promote or sell. Anyway, I checked the price I don't think I can afford it even if it can induce explosive diarrhea (or some users on ELLE actually say it doesn't do shit after taking the powder for a week or so .... another dubious product that doesn't do shit when all you need is shit? Oh brother what irony.)

  4. Oh bro, are you interested in writing for the Pub? Your style suits us!


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